Cape, Stick, Vanity in Beach Umbrella (Jun, 1939)

Cape, Stick, Vanity in Beach Umbrella

BESIDES shielding its user from the sun, a versatile new beach umbrella can be used as a walking stick, a vanity case, or part of a bathing costume. The detachable fabric top may be worn over a bathing suit as a cape, or will serve as a skirt. The rest of the umbrella folds within a lightweight metal tube, forming a staff to aid in walking over the sand. Flipping open the lid of an oblong cap, at the end where the umbrella ribs converge, reveals a small mirror and make-up in handy form to be applied after a dip.

  1. Blurgle says: November 2, 20078:16 pm

    In other news, Popular Science finds a good reason to include a picture of a girl in a bathing suit in their June 1939 edition.

  2. marss says: December 16, 20077:45 pm

    Can be used as a set: intrepid hunter’s cape and vampire-killing stake in one.

  3. Katie says: June 9, 200810:12 pm

    Sexy and functional… oh, the marvels of technology! lol

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