Car-Driven Ferry Is Among New Inventions (Dec, 1942)

Car-Driven Ferry Is Among New Inventions

A raft designed for ferry service or military use, patented recently, is built like a pontoon with a treadmill forming part of the deck. The treadmill, operated by a truck or passenger car held in place by a brace and chains, is connected with a propeller shaft which extends through rear of the pontoon. The boat also has wheels so it can be loaded on land and then rolled down a ramp into the water.

Below, combination bookshelf and end table has an adjustable arm which is lifted vertically, then swung to a horizontal position to serve as a handy reading table.

To foil holdups, the circular cashier’s cage below has bulletproof wall sections that rotate inside a fixed wall to close the openings when a bandit whips out gun. Diagram shows how oppositely arranged sections operate.

Another new device is the marine sky beam, right, constructed like a buoy with electric signal lamp in the top. The light is turned by a switch closed automatically by pressure of a material that expands as water drips through a small hole. All of the articles on this page were recently patented, but no other information is available for prospective purchasers.

  1. Mitch says: September 26, 20114:03 pm

    That car-driven ferry seems like a really bad idea. Unless you’re looking for an easy way to put your car on the bottom of a river. Then it’s a great idea.

  2. qyooqy says: September 26, 20116:53 pm

    Here’s some pop-up wall security in life… and in art… ….The second video contains gun violence and profanity.

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