Car Driven Without Gears to Revolutionize Motor Industry (Jan, 1933)

Car Driven Without Gears to Revolutionize Motor Industry
ANOTHER step forward to greater automobile efficiency has been made with this gearless motor car, invented by a young Australian engineer. The car, shown in illustration on right, promises to revolutionize motoring throughout the world. The machine is propelled by a standard engine, its only controls being a throttle lever, a brake lever and a reverse lever. It is as easily manipulated as a steam engine. The speed of the car is controlled by the accelerator, leaving the driver’s hands free to operate the steering wheel, which is a great safety advantage especially while driving among traffic. Tests have been conducted in and about London, among traffic and less-travelled roads, with considerable success.

  1. Eamon says: November 17, 200812:29 pm

    Can someone explain mm’s aversion to giving details like names, dates, or how something worked? Or are they the laziest writers in the world, who report on things their mother’s friend’s cousin heard about?

  2. slim says: November 17, 20081:07 pm

    Maybe they didn’t give details because there were none.

  3. Sean O'Brien says: November 17, 20086:34 pm

    Seriously. Is this a CVT? Just very low geared? An oil coupling? What is that canister by his leg?

  4. Torgo says: November 17, 200810:57 pm

    …here we see Richard Kiel testing the model.

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