Car Telesignal (Apr, 1951)

Car Telesignal invented by Armando Loyola of Rome, Italy, consists of a radio transceiver in each car. Driver of rear car desiring to pass presses button which flashes a red light in front car. When okay to pass, front driver presses a button which flashes a green light in rear car.

  1. Roflcopter says: February 6, 20085:49 am

    Yes, thats what I wpuld have expected instead of thos hand signals… pilot clicks on button and other machines get a message light up or similar… well those italians they can do anything 😉

  2. Roflcopter says: February 6, 20085:51 am

    BTW… today its called Brights or Full Beam on european streets 😉

  3. Adrian says: February 6, 200810:02 am

    …In the days before the ‘dip or dazzle’ device.

  4. Sporkinum says: February 14, 200812:40 pm

    2 funny things..
    It’s in Italy and post war. They would drive like maniacs and ignore any signaling.
    Also, he is driving a 2CV. I think they had around 12 hp back then and would be incapable of passing a bicycle.

  5. Adrian says: May 6, 20088:49 am

    1948ish Fiat Topolino Convertable

    The cover comes off both the car AND the driver’s head.

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