Cards Now Played like Midget Golf (Jul, 1931)

Cards Now Played like Midget Golf

THE latest addition to the ever increasing list of games devised for the amusement of incurable golf fans is a combination of midget golf and bridge, played on a carpet spread out at the bathing beach for games between plunges.

The unique carpet on which the game is played has painted on it a circle containing card symbols on which various card numbers are inscribed. In the center is a cup, and the objective of the player is to score by driving the ball into it. If he misses, the ball rolls onto a section representing another card.

The carpet can easily be rolled out on the beach for a rubber at any time.

  1. Chris Radcliff says: June 8, 20098:01 pm

    So it’s played like mini-golf except for the… um?

  2. fred says: June 8, 200910:02 pm

    a few strokes..before you know it your balls are in the sand

  3. Fred says: June 8, 200910:25 pm

    “On a very special episode of Little People,Big World,the Roloffs learn to play Midget Golf…”

  4. katey says: June 8, 200911:08 pm

    “a rubber at any time” ???

    And when exactly did “Midget Golf” turn into “Mini Golf”?

  5. Toronto says: June 10, 200912:24 am

    Rubber as in a rubber of bridge – ie a match, a “best of three” or such.


  6. Vozpit says: June 15, 200912:11 am

    The proper term is now “Little People Golf”.

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