“Carfeteria” Serves Motorists at Wheel (Oct, 1949)

Boy, with a snazzy name like Carfeteria I can’t understand why these never took off.

“Carfeteria” Serves Motorists at Wheel

Eating is made easv for motorists who patronize the wheellike Los Angeles Motor-mat shown above. Spokes of the wheel are tracks along which run small carriages. You drive into one of the 20 stalls, where a carriage and menu are waiting, make your selection, write the order, and press a button. Presto! the carriage whizzes into the kitchen, stopping along the way only long enough for an attendant to figure the cost. In a few minutes the meal is shot back to your car. When you have finished eating from a lap tray, you put the empty dishes back in the carriage-plus the price of the meal.

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