Casts away gloom, depression …as it relieves headache pain fast! (Feb, 1966)

Aspirin cures depression?

Casts away gloom, depression …as it relieves headache pain fast!

Depression often intensifies headache pain. So don’t settle for old-fashioned aspirin which has no special ingredient to relieve depression. Take today’s Anacin®. Anacin doesn’t dull the senses or leave you depressed. In fact, Anacin has a combined new action that actually casts away gloom and depression as headache pain goes in minutes.

Only today’s Anacin has this special formula. It contains the pain-relieving compound doctors now prescribe most and which 2 out of 3 doctors call the greatest pain fighter ever discovered. Anacin is also fortified with a special ‘mood-lifter’ or energizer that brightens your spirits, restores new enthusiasm and drive. With Anacin you experience remarkable all-over relief.

So next time try Anacin. See if the combined new action of Anacin Tablets doesn’t work better for you.

  1. Tim says: June 5, 20089:18 am

    Probably the caffeine they add to a lot of aspirins.

  2. JMyint says: June 5, 200812:33 pm

    Each anacin tablet contains 32mg of caffine. Caffine is a common ingredient in many over the counter pain relievers. Asprin by itself has a tendency to make some people (like me) drowsy.

  3. mc says: June 5, 20085:05 pm

    It’s caffeine. Anacin, if I recall correctly, was aspirin and caffeine. Caffeine relieves some types of headaches and “casts away depression” (if you use a somewhat vague definition of depression).

  4. K!P says: June 6, 20081:05 am

    my depression will be “cast away” if the hammering inside my head stops 🙂

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