Little Uncle Sams (Apr, 1918)

This scares me.

If You Have Not Already Enlisted in the Great Army of U. S. Savers, TODAY is the Best Time to Begin

What Your W. S. Stamps Do for Uncle Sam
A single Thrift Stamp (25 cents) will pay for a soldier’s identification tag, which may save him from an unknown grave. Two (50 cents) will buy a trench-digging tool which may save his life. One War Savings Stamp ($4.16) enables U. S. to buy a pair of shoes or a flannel shirt or a steel helmet which may save a soldier’s life. One War Savings Stamp ($4.16) will feed a soldier or sailor for a week or buy the gasoline for an hour’s flight of an airplane. Three stamps pay for an overcoat or a gas mask. One War Certificate filled with 20 stamps ($83.20) will feed the entire crew of one of our torpedo-boat destroyers on the day they catch a submarine.

Fireworks Ads (Jun, 1940)

Thought these might be nice for the fourth.

Ad: EXCITING FILMS (Apr, 1947)

Thrill audiences at your 8-16 mm. screenings! Breath-snatching Bullfights . . . Movie Stunt Men in life-and-limb action . . . Death Defying Dives.
GLAMOROUS subjects starring Hollywood’s most beauteous daughters. Models selected by artists as the loveliest in all the world in beautiful scenes; sensational dances.

SPECIAL OFFER: Send only one dollar for new film short, “Glamorous Exciting Stars” featuring four glorious Beauties. State 8mm. or 16mm. For listings of all Exciting Films free, and this Exciting Film, send only a single dollar, now, to
1071 El Centre, Dept. 12, Hollywood, Calif.

Ad: Private “air truck” for Very Special Delivery (Sep, 1954)

Private “air truck” for Very Special Delivery
… powered by Lycoming

When deliveries are Rush with a capital “R” . . . today’s progressive businessman turns to a small company plane that relieves him of dependence on the schedules of commercial air-freight systems.

Take the case of the Capital City Printing Plate Company of Des Moines, Iowa . . . operator of a Piper Tri-Pacer powered by Lycoming. Gene C. Meston, General Manager, says: “We could not maintain our production and sales level without the Tri-Pacer. The airplane and the pilot do the work of two trucks and three drivers. We save a lot of expense and keep our customers well satisfied.”

Eat Lightning (Oct, 1932)

Eat Lightning
Startling Stunts

Do amazing feats with electricity! Make bolts of lightning, crashing thunder, figures of fire, ghostly glows, mystifying illusions. Make a robot sing, dance, answer questions, amuse any audience. Book gives detailed instructions for making all apparatus and the patter for a half-hour act. Postpaid $1.
CUTTING & SONS 102 Doe Street, Campbell, California

Meet “SUZY” (Jan, 1951)

Wow, anthropomorphizing a buffer…. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel… Am I supposed to be attracted to my buffer? Erm, excuse me… Handheld Workshop.

Meet “SUZY” -a POWERFUL good friend to have around the house!
polishes, drills
brushes, mixes paint, saws, buffs, sharpens, sands, scrapes, grinds, routs

“SUZY KIT” — a complete workshop including a 1/4 h.p. PORTABLE POWERHOUSE and 27 PIECES, all for only $24.95
Let “SUZY” do it!

Ad: Stout “hearts” for new Navy sub killers (Oct, 1954)

Stout “hearts” for new Navy sub killers
To power America’s first anti-submarine carrier aircraft that’s equipped for both search and attack, the U. S. Navy looks to Lycoming for air-cooled engines.

Patrolling endless seas in search of enemy subs . . . blasting them out of action with newest destruction devices . . . this Grumman S2F-1 “hunter-killer” depends on the stamina of twin Lycoming-built engines to keep it high and dry.

New NASA Space Telescope (Sep, 1979)

The funny thing about this ad is that “NASA Space Telescope” was the original name of the Hubble Space Telescope and Perkin-Elmer is the contractor that delivered a flawed main mirror, requiring a very expensive and difficult repair mission.

Responsive Technology from Perkin-Elmer

The NASA Space Telescope: Getting ready for the clearest look yet into space

The NASA Space Telescope, scheduled for launch by the Space Shuttle in the 1980s, will orbit the earth at an altitude of 310 miles. Unlike ground-based telescopes which are restricted to a narrow spectral window and subject to distortions by the earth’s atmosphere, the Space Telescope will provide astronomers with the clearest view yet of the universe.

Buck Rodgers 25th Century Caster (Jan, 1936)

Buck Rodgers 25th Century Caster
A complete outfit for casting & coloring characters of 2500 A.D.

You Can MAKE MONEY with these Popular Toys

Get this great outfit! Make toy castings of Buck with his marvelous Disintegrator Pistol . . . Wilma Deering, his faithful Lieutenant . . . and Killer Kane, the arch-criminal of the 25th Century. Paint your castings in bright, lifelike colors. Make all the toys you want. Sell them at a big profit! Millions of people are interested in Buck’s adventures . . . and follow them daily in newspapers and radio. Start your own toy business with this complete outfit. Make real money.

CRYSTALS are not all the same! (Jun, 1967)

Given the appearance of that guy in the ad, I’d say he was much more interested in a different kind of crystal.

Also, given the name “TEXAS CRYSTALS”, it seems rather odd that they have addresses in Florida and California, but none in Texas…

CRYSTALS are not all the same!

If your dealer is temporarily out of stock or does not carry Texas Crystals, send us his name along with your request for catalog to our plant nearest you.