Is Your TV Set Ready for the new UHF Channels ? (May, 1953)

Is Your TV Set Ready for the new UHF Channels ?
This Mallory Converter will equip it to receive all Channels… old and new

That’s right! As new UHF channels go on the air in your area, you will receive them all . . . with no sacrifice of existing channels . . . with no internal changes in your set. The Mallory Converter can be connected to any set in a few minutes, right in your home.

Harley Davidson Ad: Fore-wheel brake (Oct, 1927)

Fore-wheel brake
First time in America!

The most advanced models in the history of the motorcycle industry, with improvements that are being talked about from coast to coast.

Outstanding feature for 1928 is the Fore-Wheel Brake — doubled safety. Other improve-ments are: Throttle controlled motor oiler—air cleaner—positive gearshift lock gate.

Greater stability! Increased safety! Longer life! Streamlines that make each model a beauty! Five minutes in the saddle will convince you that this is the mount you have been looking for.

No increase in prices. Solo Twins as low as $310 f. o. b. factory. See your local dealer. Send coupon for catalog.

Harley Davidson Motor Co.

New Model Sport-Solo Twin
Pace-setter for 1928! Has all the new features of standard Twin and in addition has smaller wheels—25″ x 3.85″ balloon tires—roadster handlebars. Dow-metal pistons, racing type, optional at slight increase in price. The ideal solo mount —wonderfully smooth acceleration and even flow of power.


Let a cut go and you invite infection, amputation or even death! Apply anti-septic, cover with Drybak Band-Aid, and you are safe! Drybak Band-Aid is a ready-to-use strip of waterproof adhesive with a borated gauze pad attached. Sun tan color to be less conspicuous. Individually wrapped for your
protection. Sold in convenient tins by your druggist.

Bell Ad: Very Early Routing Tables (Mar, 1955)

How your telephone call asks directions… and gets quick answers

When the Bell System’s latest dial equipment receives orders to connect your telephone with another in a distant city, it must find-quickly and automatically—the best route.

Route information is supplied in code—as holes punched on steel cards. When a call comes in, the dial system selects the appropriate card, then reads it by means of light beams and photo-transistors. Should the preferred route be in use the system looks up an alternate route.

Putting color to work in computers. (Sep, 1979)

This computer has the same display resolution as a single Mac OSX icon.

Putting color to work in computers.

Computers that present a wealth of confusing information serve only to slow the information process. At ISC. we use color graphics as a highly-effective communications medium. Why color? Research has shown that color conveys information more quickly and effectively than any other visual method. Thus, when compared to black and white a color CRT display results in faster, more accurate user response. And that means faster decisions from the ultimate processor, the human brain.

heroes must not lisp! (Dec, 1930)

heroes must not lisp!
“My thweet” lisped from the screen would mar the star’s romantic appeal. But that is something you don’t hear in the theatres which have Western Electric talking picture equipment.

To reproduce the letter ‘S’ was but one of many difficulties in the way of giving you talking pictures at their best. Western Electric was able to solve these problems by reason of its 50 years’ experience in making Bell telephones and other voice transmission apparatus.

All over this country, and indeed the world, a discriminating public flocks to Western Electric equipped theatres — one more proof of this company’s leadership in sound.

Western Electric
Makers of your Bell Telephone and leaders in tke development of Sound Transmission

The “NOSE-TEST” will tell you the plain truth about ANTI-FREEZE (Dec, 1934)

The “NOSE-TEST” will tell you the plain truth about ANTI-FREEZE

From the standpoint of evaporation there are two kinds of anti-freeze—the kind that boils away and the kind that does not boil away. There is no middle ground. Some boil-away antifreezes, however, have been “treated” to “decrease evaporation,” and many car owners may get the impression that such products are all-Winter, one-shot, non-evaporating anti-freeze. Such an impression would be wrong. For such anti-freezes boil off rapidly when the engine is operating at high speed. An easy way to make sure that you get an all-Winter, one-shot product is by the lack of odor. Eveready Prestone is absolutely odorless—all boil-away anti-freezes, on the other hand, have a noticeable odor.

1956: World’s First Hard Drive (5MB) (Nov, 1956)

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putting IDEAS to work — research at IBM

•Random Access Memory Accounting: RAMAC®, magnetic-disk memory storage, gives fast access to 5,000,000 characters. IBM Bulletin No. 400.
•Slanting Rain: “Shadows” created on a surface by its irregularities and discontinuities magnified 200,000 times through electron microscopy.

Random Access Memory Accounting
RAMAC, IBM’s newest data processing system, needed a unique memory storage system. Ordinary methods of memory storage—magnetic tape, drums, ferrite cores—couldn’t store enough “bits” of information. It took a research team of ours,withTriggNoyes and Wes Dickinson as key men at IBM’s San Jose Research Labs, to find the answer. The heart of this new idea: magnetic disks, played and replayed like the records in coin-operated music machines!

It’s “twins” for Piper … by Lycoming (Apr, 1954)

It’s “twins” for Piper … by Lycoming
This is the Piper Apache… the all-new executive plane that brings new economy to the twin-engine field while maintaining high standards of safety and dependability.

It is powered by two proven Lycoming 150-h.p. air-cooled engines designed especially for the Apache. These power plants provide an improved horsepower-weight ratio, new compactness… and are so powerful that the Apache can safely fly and land with a full load on one engine alone.

Parties are twice as much fun when you play the Harmonica (May, 1935)

Is it just me, or do these kids all look a little demonic?

WHERE ARE YOU… Here in the Spotlight or lost among the Crowd?

Parties are twice as much fun when you play the Harmonica

It’s almost unbelievable how quickly you become popular once you can play the harmonica. Good harmonica players are always in demand for parties, outings, scout meetings and school Harmonica Bands—sure of a good time wherever they go. Thousands of boys and girls who once sat around at parties and watched others take the spotlight have discovered that the ability to play this fascinating instrument is all that is needed to win the admiration of friends—step out of the “wallflower” class—and know the thrill of being a wonderful entertainer.