MEN – KILL for MONEY (Mar, 1937)


Make up to $75 weekly as a Professional Exterminator. Your own business. Work everywhere. Our easy, Tested Method QUICKLY starts you. Exterminate roaches, bedbugs, rats, mice, ands, etc. FREE details. EXTERMINATING INDUSTRIES, 2650-G Carmen, Chicago.

Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds (May, 1968)

Crisp Bacon in 90 Seconds

People on the go will welcome an oven that makes cooking chores a pleasure. Imagine a “piping hot” TV dinner (frozen) in 3 and 1/2 minutes* instead of 20 to 50 minutes. Bake a potato in 5 minutes* instead of 60 minutes. Fry crisp bacon in 90 seconds on a paper plate. Great for those left overs. Countertop designed. Works on 115 vac house circuit. Write for folder. $545.00

10 NO. LEE – OKLA CITY, OKLA 73102

Grip Snip (Aug, 1953)

Man, that woman gets really excited about pliers!

Did we HAVE to hire a boy with skin like that? (Jan, 1936)

Don’t let adolescent pimples keep you from getting ahead!

Important glands develop during the adolescent years – 13 to 25. This causes disturbances throughout the body. Waste poisons in the blood irritate the skin, causing pimples.

Fleishmann’s Yeast clears up these adolescent pimples…by clearing the poisonous skin irritants out of your blood.

Ead Fleishmann’s Yeast 3 times a day, before meals, untill skin clears.



Because the finest single attribute anyone can offer is character, this, basically is what IBM asks of it’s people, whatever their special aptitudes or abilities. IBM offers them in return – not just a job – but a career. IBM electronif field technicians, for instance, receive more than training and early responsibility; they have the opportunity to work with the world’s largest computer, user all the latest testing equipment, employ the finest computer testing techniques yet devised. Above all, they ahve the satisfaction of joining the electronics industry’s most advanced program, destined for long-range national importance. You could ask for no finer future.
If you are between 19 and 32 and have at least a 2-year technicial school background, with emphasis on electronics, you can do important work on COMPUTER INPUT-OUTPUT functions. Write: Nelson O. Heyer, Room 3701, IBM, Neighborhood Rd., Kingston, N.Y.

Raise Giant Frogs (Jan, 1936)

Friday Animals for Profit blogging, teaching you how to turn frogs into cold, hard cash!

Update: Bryans Basement also has a similar ad, I see we share a love of animals for profit blogging.

Raise Giant Frogs

A New, Uncrowded Industry

Good Profits – No Competition
Each pair of “Nufond Giant” breeders lay 10,000 eggs every year. With modern methods, up to 90% turn into frogs.
Giant frogs sell up to $5.00 per dozen everywhere. Think of the profit possibilities! Competition is unknown because the wild supply is practically exhausted.

Next Month… How to Choose a Geiger Counter (Dec, 1955)

Next Month… How to Choose a Geiger Counter
THINKING of buying a Geiger counter for uranium hunting? Which of the dozens that are on the market, with all kinds of gadgets and price tags, will serve you best? In the January issue of POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, an article on how to choose a Geiger counter will offer expert advice to guide you when you go shopping. From practical experience the author, Griff Borgeson, compares the features of current models and tells which are most desirable-and why.