Capability has many faces at Boeing (Oct, 1961)

Boeing eventually delivered 102 B-52H models to the Air Force by 1962.  The H model is the only version of the B-52 still flying in the inventory.  The USAF plans on using B-52’s into 2040. In all likelihood the B-1B Lancer will be retired before the B-52.

Capability has many faces at Boeing

FLYING MISSILE LAUNCHER. New Boeing B-52H missile bomber can take off faster, fly farther and strike harder than any previous B-52. It’s shown here carrying models of four hypersonic Skybolt air-launched ballistic missiles, a 1000-mile range weapon now under development. The Strategic Air Command B-52, most versatile long-range weapon system in the U.S. Air Force arsenal, can also carry supersonic Hound Dog missiles for inflight launching toward distant targets, in addition to regular bomb-bay load of gravity bombs.


The use of space imagery in advertisements was rampant during this time period. Megan Prelinger wrote a great book about it called “Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957-1962”


What is it that most buyers of office furniture really want? It’s the most effective use of available floor space. It’s functional design that delivers peak employee efficiency. It’s a price range that meets the budget. It’s service that follows through long after the purchase. By satisfying all these requirements (and more), Royal Metal has achieved a unique position in the office furniture field.

Hidden Factors of Service (Sep, 1915)

Hidden Factors of Service

Records kept like this are practically useless for the management of a business. Efficiency is impossible and funds for improvement cannot be obtained.

Records, statistics and accounts kept like this are available for a complete knowledge of the cost and efficiency of each department of the business.

Cooling space pilots from launch to landing (Oct, 1961)

Cooling space pilots from launch to landing

New concepts in airborne cooling have become vital to the progress of America’s space program. For example, Garrett is now developing an advanced system for the Boeing Dyna-Soar manned space glider. It will use the liquid hydrogen fuel for the vehicle’s own accessory power system to control the temperature of the pilot and equipment throughout the flight.

8MM & 16MM home movies …at NEW LOW PRICES! (Oct, 1952)

The key is not to mix up a, b and c when you hold a screening for the family.

8MM & 16MM home movies …at NEW LOW PRICES!

4 50 Ft. 8MM MOVIES FOR ONLY $4.99

3 100 Ft. 16MM SOUND MOVIES FOR ONLY $9.99

Your Computer is Wasting Time and Money! (Oct, 1961)

Your Computer is Wasting Time and Money!

[unless it’s asynchronous]

Save money with the Philco 2000 Series

In other computers the master clock breaks time into cycles tailored to the longest operation. Shorter operations are also completed within these same time limits. Time is wasted… waiting.

In the asynchronous Philco 2000 Series, there are no clocks. Each operation triggers the next. Time is spent working… not waiting. More operations accomplished in the same time.

Some things can’t be shipped in this bag (Oct, 1961)

The man seems to be in a bit of a quandary, which given the scene I can only presume is: “Shit, this bag is too small. How am I going to ship this chick?”. Also, she must have really long legs.

Some things can’t be shipped in this bag — but they are the exception. For this is Balex™—the new, tougher shipping container. It’s made by West Virginia from a recently-developed, extra-heavy Clupak* extensible paper, the paper that “gives” under impact where conventional kraft bursts. With Balex, you can ship umpteen products in packages, or in bulk, more safely.

Accuracy (Oct, 1921)


From the simplest test of memory to the most elaborate specifications, whenever an order is to be given it is the custom of the vast majority of people to put it in writing.

This constant writing of orders is for the purpose of insuring accuracy. People are afraid to trust the ability of the one receiving the order to get it correctly, unless that order is put on paper.

Dictaphone® the sound you can see (Oct, 1961)

Dictaphone® the sound you can see

The “sound you can see” means savings you can see! If you let a Dictaphone Time-Master dictating machine take dictation for your secretary, you save money.

In terms of dollars and cents, this advanced method will record your messages far more economically and conveniently. And it will free your secretary for a multitude of other duties.

Get This Home Movie Feature – “BISCUIT BEN” (Jul, 1947)

“Climax when he spreads dough on chest and cuts biscuits.”

This sounds like something dirty that I don’t quite understand.

Get This Home Movie Feature – “BISCUIT BEN”

Ben prepares dinner when wife attends evening bridge club. Gets into hilarious trouble. Climax when he spreads dough on chest and cuts biscuits. Packed with laughs.

“The Pickpocket”
Another feature comedy in which Ben pulls series of insane “hi-jinks” as professional pickpocket.