Take, a Tip from Anne Baxter – Put “Home-Utility” on your Christmas Gift List! (Nov, 1950)

Anne Baxter does play a conniving backstabber in All About Eve so she must know a thing or two about tools, right?

Take, a Tip from Anne Baxter – Put “Home-Utility” on your Christmas Gift List!

ANNE BAXTER starring in “All ABOUT EVE”
A Darry F. Zanuck Production 20th Century-Fox Studios
* Perfect gifts for men—useful the whole year ’round!
* Priced for every pocketbook — built for every need!
* Easy to operate — fun to use — take the hard work out of home and farm jobs!
* Also Home-Utility 1/2″ Drills, Electric Sows and Bench Grinders, other Kits and attachments!
* Quality-built by BLACK & DECKER, world’s largest manufacturer of portable electric tools!

RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards (Aug, 1974)

RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards

When you buy RCA tubes from your participating RCA tube distributor, he delivers the goods the easy way. No muss, no fuss, no constant cutting of carton flaps, no torn cartons on your shelf or in your caddy. Just give your tube order to your RCA distributor and get your premium the free and easy way. The bigger your tube order, the more valuable your gift. So visit him soon and select your Free and Easy RCA award with your purchase of RCA tubes. (The values are really extra special.)


I wish I could have gone to the Gilbert Hall of Science when it was still there. The Eli Whitney Museum has a large collection of A.C. Gilbert material called The Gilbert Project if you’re interested.


They Whistle!

They’re All-Electric!

They ‘Buzz’ with Action!

HELLO BOYS! Look at all the fun and action you get with my new Erectors

Famous BANNER Fireworks (Apr, 1948)

Famous BANNER Fireworks


Don’t be disappointed. Get the best for your money. Famous Banner Fireworks have all the ZIP. BOOM, BANG you expect of fireworks. This year several new creations have been added. You’ll thrill to every last piece in this BIG BARGAIN ASSORTMENT.

“My dentist and my purse suggest the same toothpaste” (Oct, 1932)

“My dentist and my purse suggest the same toothpaste”

“Colgate’s? – Why certainly! Nothing can clean them better. and when there’s anything wrong with your teeth, young lady – you march right down to my office.”

Dad said we had to come down to earth—and meant it — so mother and I started to cut corners. Necessity brought me to my senses — in more ways than one.

This Bottle Neck is Your Opportunity (Jun, 1941)

This image feels like it should be a scene in the Big Lobowski. Or at least an ad for booze… “Brand x gives you wings!”

This Bottle Neck is Your Opportunity

A very real bottle neck has occurred in industry.

The millions of men going to work in the defense industry and business boom need thousands—hundreds of thousands—of supervisors and executives. Expanding Government agencies are calling for many specialists. Regular business needs experts to take care of expansion and to replace men called to military service.

Brownie Movie Camera: Color movies cost less than you think (Oct, 1952)

Color movies cost less than you think

You can match this gorgeous color movie —in seven full-length movie scenes—for under $1.

8mm. Kodachrome Film is so economical, less than $1 makes a little color movie like you see here … finished and ready to show.

New Optical Radioactivity Detector – GEIGER SCOPE (Nov, 1954)

New Optical Radioactivity Detector – GEIGER SCOPE

Now you can check minerals for uranium with this amazingly sensitive, inexpensive device. For prospectors, engineers, experimenters, gadgeteers, everyone interested in atomic energy. Now being used in atomic energy laboratories and major universities. Indicates radioactive content with sparkles of light. Sturdy, durable, portable as a pocket watch; needs no power source.

Telecomputing announces: the first low-cost data reduction system (Oct, 1953)

Telecomputing announces: the first low-cost data reduction system

Everyone concedes the value of modern data reduction instruments; but not every organization feels it can “afford” them-just yet.

A pioneer in the field of data reduction, Telecomputing has long sought a solution to this problem. It now presents the first low-cost data reduction system which offers speed, accuracy and flexibility at a price most organizations can afford: $5,555.

Reaching for the moon (Jan, 1956)

Are we being too subtle with the image here? Do you think people will get it?

Reaching for the moon

Once it meant the impossible… today it’s a progress report on scientific research

Who dares call anything impossible today? Not when research scientists are constantly seeking and finding new wonders to improve the way you live.

ONLY A DREAM YESTERDAY… reality today. A generation ago, Union Carbide scientists began taking oil and natural gas apart and putting the pieces together again in ways unknown to nature.