WINSTON is always good company! (Feb, 1957)

WINSTON is always good company!

Winston tastes good!
Like a cigarette should!

Enjoy a finer filter cigarette!

The moment you touch a match to your first Winston, you’ll know why it’s so popular! Here’s real flavor, rich and full. And here’s a real filter, too — a filter that does its job so well the flavor really comes through to you.

Enjoy finer filter smoking. Switch to Winston.

Switch to WINSTON Americas best-selling, best-tasting filter cigarette!

Assorted Ads (Nov, 1954)

This feels like Sky Mall ’54. I really do want one of the “Quackie” Safe-T-Snippers though.

Exquisite Form gives you x*appeal! (Oct, 1955)

So, by inference women who own a vault full of jewels have nice breasts? I’m pretty sure that’s not always the case. Or is the implication that having nice breasts will get you a vault full of jewels?

Exquisite Form gives you x*appeal!

*x = glamour plus comfort… yours in Circl-o-form the new $2 bra with the fabulous fit!

Is this fantasy or is it real? A $2 bra that makes you look and feel like a woman who owned a vault of jewels? It’s real!

Your System Deserves The Best! (Jul, 1984)

That Televideo keyboard has a really weird, narrow numeric keypad. Also, it today’s dollars it would cost $716 in today’s dollars, which is pretty insane for a keyboard. KeyTronic is still around and they still sell keyboards, though it looks like they haven’t designed a new one in the last decade. They’ve shifted almost exclusively over to producing products for other companies.

Your System Deserves The Best!

Key Tronic Keyboards.

To enhance the performance of your personal computer or computer terminal, ask your dealer for a plug-compatible Key Tronic keyboard.

Key Tronic Corporation is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of computer keyboards.

$ $ $ $ $ PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE (Nov, 1959)

There’s no way I’m going to even attempt OCRing this. If anyone feels like going through the trouble, send me a transcript and I’ll be happy to cred it you.


210 South Clinton Street, Chicago 6, Ill.

Please rush me the practical concentrated courses I have circled below. I understand each is complete and that this is the full price, nothing more for me to pay. I have the right to examine everything you send me for 10 full days. If I am not more than satisfied in every way I will return the material and you guarantee to make full refund, without question or quibble.

For cuts, bruises, wounds, stings—all infections-LISTERINE—instantly! (Oct, 1930)

200,000,000 per second? Wow, that must really work. Now, is that world wide? Or just in the lab? Yay for context free numbers.

For cuts, bruises, wounds, stings—all infections-LISTERINE—instantly!

Whenever the skin is broken, there is acute danger of infection. Germs of infection may reach the wound from other parts of the skin surface or the air may transmit them.

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best! (Jun, 1949)

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best!

NEW 1949 GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator – Home Freezer Combination

A separate refrigerator PLUS a separate home freezer.

The very finest refrigerators made today offer you the timesaving, worksaving, moneysaving advantages of having both a home freezer and a big fresh-food refrigerator in your kitchen.

Ford’s out Front WITH EVERYBODY! (Oct, 1946)

Ford’s out Front WITH EVERYBODY!

“King-sized brakes”
“The liveliest performer in the low-priced field ”
“Extra large trunk… that’s no joke, son!”

Style note for Spring (Apr, 1939)

“IT’S the style this year to have a car you can see out of.”

It’s true. However cool looking they may have been, totally opaque cars had abysmal safety records.

Style note for Spring

IT’S the style this year to have a car you can see out of. And in the Buick pictured here, the total glass area has been increased 412 square inches — all safety plate glass — with 30 per cent more area in the windshield alone. That increased visibility gives you a view of the traffic — and the world around you—that’s a new note in safety too in General Motors cars this year Add to this the honest craftsmanship, the solid comfort and silent security you get in Body by Fisher — add the convenience and protection of Fisher No Draft Ventilation and you’ll know why smart motorists say . . . “For ’39, better pick the car with Body by Fisher,” which means a General Motors car of course.

Buescher Sax: WHAT A MAN. (Dec, 1931)

Buescher Sax: WHAT A MAN.

Health, wealth, and happiness gravitate toward the man who can play a Buescher Sax.’ Gives you the chance to enjoy all the pleasures of life. So easy to learn, too, on a Buescher. Many master scales the first hour; play tunes in a week ; join a band or orchestra in 90 days, But only with a Buescher is this rapid progress assured. Go now, to your local Buescher dealer. See the new models. Try them. Arrange to take one home on trial. Or send a postal for beautiful catalog. Easy terms. Get started now with a Buescher.


Buescher Band Instrument Co.. 1215 Buescher Block, Elkhartv Indiana