Parkelp EAT FOR HEALTH (Nov, 1934)



Pure Sun-Radiated Kelp

Amazingly rich in Iodine,Iron, Calcium and other food minerals, which land foodslack.

Comes in handy Shaker for table use. Sprinkle on salads, in soups, tomato juice, etc. Builds resistance to mineral deficiency diseases. At leading Drug & Health Food Stores.

FREE— 7 Days’ Supply postpaid on request. Write today.

Parkelp Laboratories. 608 S. Dearborn St., Chicago

Luckies – They Taste Better (Feb, 1935)


all your favorite movie stars are in


You’ll find Virginia Mayo and scads of other full-page pix of top Hollywood stars in MY PERSONAL DATE BOOK. It’s also a handy appointment book for keeping track of those important dates! What’s more, you’ll find space to jot down birthdays and anniversaries, to paste snapshots and keep autographs. Be sure to mail the coupon below for your copy plus a couple extra for your pals.


Satisfied with my JOB and PAY? NOT ME!! (Jul, 1956)

Satisfied with my JOB and PAY? NOT ME!!

TODAY, you are probably earning enough to get by—enough to provide your family with life’s necessities, and perhaps you are depositing a few extra dollars in the bank.

BUT are you content with just earning a living wage? Do you say “Someday I’ll really get a break and go right on to the top.” THAT’S WISHFUL THINKING!

What newspaper are your children reading? (Feb, 1935)

Just another example of the lame stream liberal media trying to indoctrinate kids, just like college.

What newspaper are your children reading?

• Does it do its best to present the whole truth?
• Does it give both sides of disputed questions?
• Does it have convictions—and is it fair to those who disagree?
• Does it show the world as it is, without distortion?
• Does it winnow out the chaff from the wheat in the day’s news?
• Is it exciting without being sensational?

CANT SLEEP? (Oct, 1932)


Try This Natural, Drugless Way

Quiet Nerves -All-Day Energy Tomorrow

ARE you one of those lucky people who drifts off to sleep almost the moment your head touches the pillow? Or do you frequently lie awake and toss—and then pay for it in a dozen different ways next day? If you’re one of the latter, you know there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a restless, sleepless night.

DYSKINESIA – Constipation – What To Do About It (Feb, 1931)

I know this was way before WWII, but what exactly does constipation have to do with a swastika?

Constipation – What To Do About It

IF MISERY loves company, the person who has Dyskinesia [dis’ kin’ees’ia] may be interested in learning from his family doctor that at least one in every three of his adult patients suffers from the same ail’ ment. But he can take a good deal more comfort in knowing that Dyskinesia not only can be prevented but it can be cured—without resort to drugs.

Japan – An Economical Travel Opportunity for 1932… (Feb, 1932)

Japan – An Economical Travel Opportunity for 1932…

Ceremonials out of the 6th Century offer one key to the real life of Japan today—fast limited trains and the great hotels offer another! 1932 visitors may enjoy it all—the ancient and the modem—at unexpected low cost on a series of inclusive tours prepared by the Japan Tourist Bureau, a noncommercial organization.

On a 14-day trip you may enjoy Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, see Miyanoshita, Nikko and the Kamakura Buddha, motor to Fujiyama, feed the sacred deer at Nara, glimpse the choicest regions of the Empire. In 21, 28, 35 of more days, wider territory may he covered at correspondingly low cost. All tours may be made independently or with a courier.

I smoke for only one reason. (Mar, 1975)

Because I’m addicted to nicotine.

I smoke for only one reason.
I don’t smoke a brand to be like everybody else. I smoke because I enjoy it. I smoke Winston Super King. Super King’s extra length gives me an extra smooth taste that’s real Real taste—and real pleasure— are what smoking’s all about. Winston is for real

Your FREE copy of this new “NATIONAL” style book offers Lowest Prices in years…! (Oct, 1930)

It’s not every day you see an ellipsis followed by an exclamation point…!

Your FREE copy of this new “NATIONAL” style book offers Lowest Prices in years…!

IF you have not yet received your copy of this season’s money-saving “NATIONAL” Style Book, send for it today without fail. In this beautiful book you will find displayed the newest styles — the favored New York and Paris fashions—at America’s Lowest Prices — low prices that have not been possible for many years.