The Natural World of Wollensak Sound (Oct, 1967)

The Natural World of Wollensak Sound

The rustle of leaves… the whisper of woodwinds…the boom of big beat Hear them better on a Wollensak… naturally

Shh. Listen. There’s a world of sound around you. The ring of laughter. The murmur of voices. Tchaikovsky. The boom of Brubeck or Bach.

Wollensak tape recorders are built for this world; to capture and play back — with unerring fidelity —the sounds you care most about.



Vacationers abroad are looking to the Soviet Union to supply the thrills of travel lacking in the beaten-track countries. The inducement to visit the U.S.S.R. is enhanced by the fact that travel dollars have undergone no deflation there. Intourist rates existing before the dollar went off gold have been retained in dollars for 1934. All-inclusive travel service is offered at $15 per day First Class; $8 per day Tourist Class and $5 per day Special Class.

Wherever the Admired and the Notable (May, 1929)

Wherever the Admired and the Notable

Congregate—observe tlie overwhelming preference for Cadillac an d La Salle. The famous, the socially prominent, the most sophisticated judges of what is test in motor-cars, turn invariably and inevitably to the two most celebrated and sophisticated cars on the streets of the world.

TOMORROW’S PRODUCTS are in kit-form today-with Heathkit electronics (Aug, 1974)

EXPERTS AGREE The TV of the future is here… in the Heathkit Digital-Design GR-2000 TV

At ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS they said: “The fact is, today’s Heathkit GR-2000 is the color TV the rest of the industry will be making tomorrow .. . there is no Other TV available at any price which incorporates what Heath has built into their latest color TV.”

The FAMILY HANDYMAN reviewer put it this way: “The picture quality of the GR-2000 is flawless, natural tints, excellent definition, and pictures are steady as a rock. It’s better than any this writer has ever seen.”

Advice from Experts Is Usually Safe (Jul, 1931)

Says experts…

Advice from Experts Is Usually Safe

NOW is a good time to spend money —carefully; none of us is doing much indiscriminate buying these days with the idea of “learning as we go” and perhaps making a second, wiser purchase at some later time. However, there are many cases when it is none too easy to make a selection and be sure of choosing rightly.

There’s AUTOMATION in the Monro-Matic (Mar, 1955)

There’s AUTOMATION in the Monro-Matic

The MONRO*MATIC Duplex Calculator proves “Years Ahead” for business figuring!

Tough as your figuring problem may be, it can be done speedily, easily, with hardly a thought on the Monro*Matic Duplex. That’s why business has welcomed this great new calculator. “Just what we needed” . . . “Nothing like it” . . . “Great for payroll” . . . “Invaluable” … are typical comments.


20 Distinguished World Airlines – and the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy – have selected


On every continent of the world leading airlines fly the famous Constellation. Today more people fly over more oceans and continents on the Constellations of these great airlines than on any other modern airplane. It is also the leader on the most traveled route, the North Atlantic. This successful operation by international airlines established the Constellation’s record for dependable performance—leading to the development of the new Super Constellation, today’s finest transport airplane.

“If I were twice as big” (Dec, 1942)

“If I were twice as big”

“Then I could give the public all the service it wants and take care of the war on top of that.

“But I can’t get bigger now because materials are needed for shooting. So I’m asking your help to make the most of what we have.

“Please don’t make Long Distance calls to centers of war activity unless they are vital. Leave the wires clear for war traffic.”


Put yourself in the I.C.S. HALL OF FAME* (Nov, 1952)

And become a famous silhouette!

It’s not really much of a hall of fame if you have to mail in for the members is it?

Put yourself in the I.C.S. HALL OF FAME*

Join these men who have made their mark! Men who by dint of ambition, intelligence and sound, practical I.C.S training now enjoy positions of leadership in business and industry.

The sooner you start, the better your chances of making the grade. Right now, with the critical shortage of skilled labor, trained men are becoming leaders overnight. Hundreds of I. C. S. students are reporting promotions and pay increases, earning greater security for themselves and their families. How about marking and mailing the coupon today?

NOW-GET ALL 3 with Futurized Raytheon TV (Dec, 1951)

I’m pretty sure that Microtherm thing is an external microwave. This is probably not the best medical tool.

NOW-GET ALL 3 with Futurized Raytheon TV

* All 83 new UHF channels!

* Razor-sharp TV pictures!

* Extra fringe area power!

Enjoy fine reception of razor-sharp pictures by turning only one dial. Raytheon uses all the tubes and power needed for wonderful, clear-focus pictures —no “short cuts”, no dim, fuzzy pictures!