Tobacco Stained Teeth Instantly Whitened New Safe Way (Jun, 1924)

My 10 year old self can just imagine seeing the Blech-o-dent parodies in Mad magazine.

Tobacco Stained Teeth Instantly Whitened New Safe Way

No need now for yellow, discolored, spotted, tobacco-stained teeth. Bleachodent Combination costs just a few cents and removes unsightly stains in three minutes at home. Leaves teeth white, lustrous, clean and flashing. Recommended everywhere as quicker, surer, safer than old-fashioned scouring methods which injured the enamel.

YOUR INSTANT short cut to GLAMOUR (Mar, 1955)

Everyone knows that glamour comes in a plain wrapper. Also, my eyes see “Peach Cupbra” but my brain wants to read “chupacabra”.


An attractive full Bust Line is a short cut to glamour, poise and self-assurance. If your Bust Line makes you self-conscious, try the new (special up and out) Peach Cupbra. Use it for a week. If you are not delighted, send everything back and your money will be refunded.



“A ballplayer and his Louisville Slugger are like a man and his dog —INSEPARABLE PALS”— says Joe DiMaggio, Famous Yankee home run slugger and A.L. Champion last season.

“Ask to see the Wm. Bolles Self-Filling and Non-Leakable Fountain Pen” (Feb, 1909)

“Ask to see the Wm. Bolles Self-Filling and Non-Leakable Fountain Pen”

The “Wm. Bolles” Self-Filling and Non-Leakable Fountain Pen

This is the only-pen combining the self-filling and non-leak-able features. If your dealer does not handle same, order direct from factory.

The Wm Bolles Co.
106 Jefferson Av.
Toledo, Ohio.

It Fills Itself



OLD BLADES MADE NEW and ready for SMOOTH shaving INSTANTLY by the


Always ready for use—Cannot wear out—Stropper is nickel steel — strop is finest horsehide. Made especially for Wafer Blades. Makes one set do the work of 12. Outfit complete sent prepaid upon receipt of $1. Money Order. Stropper alone 35c, silver or Money Order.

Rudolph Hardware Co., Dept. L, Smithfield St., Pittsburg, Pa.

Burlington Watch Co. – Fighting the Trust!! (Feb, 1909)

When I saw this ad I assumed that the “Fight the Trust” rhetoric was just an attempt to capitalize on the anti-trust zeal of the time, and to some extent it certainly was. I’m pretty sure they did, in fact, care about “what it costs” to produce and sell their watches. However there apparently was a Watch Trust that controlled much of the market around this time.

More information about the Burlington Watch Co. at and the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors).

Also, “Be posted” is an odd turn of phrase, which I guess means “send mail in some form or another. I’d never heard of sending “a postal”, but it seems it simply meant to send a postcard.

Fighting the Trust!!

The Smashing Anti-Trust Fight Now On!

Trust Prices Eclipsed at Last!

An absolutely first-class high-grade watch at a price within the reach of the people—The Burlington Special No-Trust Watch.

The World’s Masterpiece of watch manufacture—the Burlington Special—now sold direct to the public at it’s rock-bottom, no-trust price (and besides without middlemen’s profits).

Every Family.. should own.. this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica (Mar, 1930)

I wonder how people would have reacted if, just once, the family shown in the picture was Black or Asian. “Every Family with Children” is a pretty all encompassing statement.

Every Family with Children in it should own and can own this Newest, Greatest Encyclopaedia Britannica

Every family, and above all, every family with children in it, should own the great new Encyclopaedia Britannica— the one essential book for the home — the one work bringing to young and old the limitless advantages of modern knowledge.

DESIGN a voice command system with the Siliconix CODEC & WIN an Apple! (Jul, 1978)

DESIGN a voice command system with the Siliconix CODEC & WIN an Apple!

Enter the Siliconix CODEC Design Contest and win an Apple II — the world’s best-selling personal computer — or another great prize. All you have to do is use Siliconix’ CODEC to design a microprocessor-based system which responds to your spoken words (or talks back to you).

A CEMENT TILE FACTORY for your town — START ONE (Feb, 1909)


AN AUTOMATIC MACHINE that makes 3,000 to 5,000 feet of drain tile per day—every work day in the year—makes a highly profitable business for some live man in every town. The demand is practically unlimited—drainage doubles farm production and farm values.

Turn Snapshots Into ‘HUMANETTES’ (Nov, 1936)

Turn Snapshots Into ‘HUMANETTES’

Sensational invention. Almost human in appearance. A life-like cut out figure. Any snapshot, photograph or picture can be “immortalized” by this strange new process. Surface covered with moisture-proof transparent PORCELITE. Will not peel, tear, crack, or soil. Looks like porcelain bas-relief.