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Big Profit Restringing Rackets (Apr, 1934)

Big Profit Restringing Rackets

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Genuine Lamb Gut

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His Business is Laying An Egg (Mar, 1952)

I think that an “Eggs Laid While You Wait” place would make a killing in Brooklyn today.

His Business is Laying An Egg

Everybody knows a tree grows in Brooklyn, but it took Murray Weiss’ egg farm to prove that hens could thrive there, too.

By H. W. Kellick

THERE’S a chicken ranch deep in the heart of Brooklyn where hens lay eggs while you wait.

More than 3,500 white leghorns working on the fowl line in this indoor farm deliver about 130 dozen eggs daily. And they are sold direct to the consumer.

The indoor farm, known as the Weiss-Way Egg Farm, is an idea developed by Murray Weiss. A former farmer and graduate in husbandry of the New Jersey State Agricultural School, Weiss conducts his business on a purely scientific system.

Comical Mouse Circus Brings in a Steady Income (Nov, 1933)

Comical Mouse Circus Brings in a Steady Income

Troupe of little mice cavorting about in this freak circus displayed in merchant’s windows will attract huge crowds of passers-by—and net one a neat profit.

HERE is a money-making idea that is worth at least five hundred dollars of any man’s money. It is a veritable gold mine for any man who has even the tiniest spark of mechanical ingenuity—and it has been thoroughly tested and proven as a cash-getter.

It’s a mouse circus, using trained mice which aren’t trained!

Its usefulness is in creating a window attraction for stores in all lines of business. Two days’ trial on merit will convince any of ’em.

Its cost is slightly over two dollars per circus, and each circus rents for a minimum of three dollars per week to merchants. Upkeep is practically nil.


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Pet Shops Wrap Fish in Transparent Bags (May, 1939)

Pet Shops Wrap Fish in Transparent Bags
Customers of pet shops selling goldfish and various tropical species can watch their purchases swim around as they are carried to home aquariums in novel transparent bags just introduced. Made of waterproof, transparent cellulose material, in various sizes, the fish bags have reenforced handles for ease in carrying. When the

container has been partially filled with water, the fish are transferred to it from the store tank.

News Carrying Pigeons Aid Japanese Press (Feb, 1935) (Feb, 1935)

News Carrying Pigeons Aid Japanese Press

Latest news and undeveloped photographic film frequently are rushed from the scene of a big event to Japanese newspapers by pigeons. The birds have been found a handy substitute for telegraph and telephone, being sent winging to headquarters with the latest scores of games
or news bulletins. This flying messenger service has been operated successfully between Yokohama and Tokyo. Exposed film is placed in a case resembling a fountain pen and attached to the bird’s back, while news reports are carried in aluminum capsules fastened to the bird’s legs.


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do—it—with—squabs (Apr, 1939)

Marketed when only 25 days old. Write a postcard, get FREE EYE-OPENING Picture Book.
Why breed for ordinary trade when these great luxury national markets are wide open for all the SQUABS you can ship, every day in the year? Go after this desirable, profitable trade now. Write today to
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Chicken Guests Fill Miami Hotel (Jan, 1935)

Chicken Guests Fill Miami Hotel
ABANDONED by a real estate syndicate, a Miami hotel has been turned into one of the world’s largest and most palatial chicken coops by the ingenuity of Maurice R. Harrison, graduate engineer turned poul-tryman.
Securing a long-term lease on the property following its abandonment by the original owners, Harrison installed batteries of wire cages and promptly populated the hotel with about 60,000 chickens.
Each hen has an individual compartment, supplied with a private feed trough and a drinking fountain of freshly flowing water. Floors of the laying cages are slightly at an angle, permitting eggs to roll into a convenient trough to speed egg-gathering.

Muzzle Safeguards Chickens (Jul, 1938)

Muzzle Safeguards Chickens
EASILY attached to a chicken’s beak, a new aluminum muzzle prevents vicious picking, cannibalism and feather pulling. The muzzle is so delicately balanced that it automatically swings out of the way when the chicken lowers its head for eating and drinking, swinging back into a closed position when the bird raises its head. The device thus prevents the chicken from attacking others, or its own body.