Animals For Profit
MONEY in WORMS (Jul, 1955)

Make thousands of dollars raising- and selling fishworms and crickets—Start in backyard or basement—No odor—No experience necessary. Free Literature —No obligation. Write CARTER WORM RANCH, PLAINS, GEORGIA

Raise Capons (Jul, 1952)

Friday Animals for profit blogging:

Easy, Profitable to Raise

Wonderful, tender capon meat brings top prices — makes finest eating. Easy to raise in back yard, on farm, or with other chicks. Hickory Acres 6.-Wks. Old Capons are your best buy. Cost less than day old turkeys — easier to raise. Write for prices. information.

Raising Milk Goats Is Profitable New Hobby (Mar, 1939)

Friday animals for profit blogging:

Raising Milk Goats Is Profitable New Hobby

AT SYRACUSE, N.Y., a few weeks ago, men and women from all over the United States gathered in solemn conclave to discuss the joys and problems of one of the fastest-growing and strangest business-hobbies in the country— the raising of blue-blooded milk goats. It was the third annual meeting of the American Goat Society, the youngest of three American organizations devoted to goat culture and the registration of goat pedigrees.

Started thirty-odd years ago by a group of goat fanciers who imported a few pure-bred animals from Europe, pedigreed-goat raising now enrolls thousands of fans—including movie stars, farmers, business executives, and housewives. Known officially by the fancy name of capriculture, the hobby already supports three magazines devoted to goat news, three registration societies, and at least a dozen breeders’ organizations. Strange as it may seem to most Americans, who know only the smelly, comical-looking, tin-can-gnawing type of American goat, well-bred European and African milk goats are beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate creatures that remind one strongly of deer. They are scrupulously clean in their eating habits, and make excellent pets. Pure-blooded mature females, or does, bring from seventy-five dollars to $150 each, while a prize winner has brought as much as $2,000. Pedigreed bucks bring even higher prices. Bucks do smell a bit rank, even the well-bred ones, and for that reason must be kept by themselves in their own private barns or stables, but does are entirely odorless.



BREED CHINCHILLAS for the fur market. Chinchilla garments sell from $8,000 to $35,000! Establish your own “Gold Chip” business. Clean, tame, easy to raise. Easy terms. After a few short years, G.S.H. says, “I have more than my original investment back and also a foundation or herd. They truly have been well worth while” (name on request). Write experts – Chapman Chinchilla Farms… originators of Chinchilla breeding farms in the U.S.
Send for instructions and picture catalog today.
P.O. Box 221, 4957-D West 104th St
Inglewood, California

Grow Mushrooms for Cash (Mar, 1937)

Men & Women
Earn Cash at Home!

We paid M. M. $267 in 3 weeks for exceptional “cellar crop” patented mushrooms! Big free picture book tells if your cellar, shed, barn suitable. We buy all crops thru ten branches. Write today.
(Estab. 1908)
3848 Licoln Ave., Dept 79 Chicago

Raise Rabbits (Mar, 1937)

It’s Friday animals for profit blogging time:

We Pay You Up To $5.00 Each.

Also Put You in Touch with MARKETS EVERYWHERE. Large illustrated book and catalog, also copy of the AMERICAN RABBIT FARMER and monthly market bulletin showing names of buyers in various parts of America who continuously buy all rabbits offered them. All for 10 cents.
OUT DOOR ENTERPRISE CO., 113 Main St., New City, N.Y.

Tanks Simplify Bullfrog Culture (Jun, 1939)

Friday Animals for Profit Blogging:

Tanks Simplify Bullfrog Culture

COMPLETE protection against all natural enemies, perpetual shade, adequate feeding, abolition of
cannibalism, elimination of red leg frog disease, ideal temperature control, confinement of frogs to the domestic range, greatly reduced mortality and a growing time of seven months from baby frogs to marketable maturity are some of the many advantages claimed for a patented system of frog culture in concrete tanks developed by John Eugene Stearns of El Monte, California.

Raise Giant Frogs (Jan, 1936)

Friday Animals for Profit blogging, teaching you how to turn frogs into cold, hard cash!

Update: Bryans Basement also has a similar ad, I see we share a love of animals for profit blogging.

Raise Giant Frogs

A New, Uncrowded Industry

Good Profits – No Competition
Each pair of “Nufond Giant” breeders lay 10,000 eggs every year. With modern methods, up to 90% turn into frogs.
Giant frogs sell up to $5.00 per dozen everywhere. Think of the profit possibilities! Competition is unknown because the wild supply is practically exhausted.