LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds (Jul, 1940)

Is it just me, or does that cat look fake? If there is one thing the internet should be good at, it’s determining the authenticity of cat pictures. After all, that is what it’s made of (video).

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds

A DOG that adopted twin mice, a cat that mothers a bloodhound, and a parrot that is chummy with a St. Bernard—these are the strange animal relationships pictured on this page

“Hold That Pose”—Laddie Takes a Try at Photography (Aug, 1929)

“Hold That Pose”—Laddie Takes a Try at Photography

“STEADY, now—there!” That’s probably what this canine photographer shown above is telling Pussy as she is getting her picture taken for the family album. They are the best of friends and have long since disregarded the conventional “greeting” that usually ensues when a dog sights a cat. In fact, Laddie has championed her cause so many times it’s getting to be a habit. Pussy is having difficulty in holding the pose, for a mouse is in the offing. And who cares about a picture at such a time?

Strange Friendships Among Animals (Jul, 1930)

Strange Friendships Among Animals

When the lion lies down with the lamb—or maybe this cat and mouse really are on friendly terms and Pussy has no idea of following her natural bent. It’s a fact that surprising intimacies do spring up between animals born to be enemies and of course this may be a case of that kind. Still the mouse better watch his step and take no chances.

Fighting Rats With Special Cats (Mar, 1932)

When the cats takeover, remember, this is where it started.

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords.

Fighting Rats With Special Cats

AT a cat farm in Le Havre, France, scientists are attempting to breed new kinds of cats which will pursue and eat rats so eagerly that they can be used to help rid ships and cities of the hordes of rats which now infest them.

The modern cat has been ruined by centuries of ease and dependence on mankind. Thus the natural instinct of rat catching has been so weakened that the average cat now is not worth, as a rat fighter, cost of keeping the cat alive.

It is believed that this weakened instinct is still dormant in the cat race and that by breeding cats for this special purpose and by keeping alive out of each generation of kittens only those that show good rat-catching powers, a race of rat-catchers can be produced which will surpass anything now known.

World’s First Red-Headed Cat (Mar, 1930)

World’s First Red-Headed Cat

A CAT said to be the only one of its kind in existence was exhibited recently at the cat show at Croydon, England, by H. C. Brooke. Instead of one of the familiar cat colors of black, white, grey or ginger, this remarkable feline is dark red from head to tail, like a human head of deep auburn hair. Red patches or bands have been observed on other cats but this is the only individual, Mr. Brooke asserts, in which the coat of hair is entirely red.

The Cat Man says: “Are you killing your cat with kindness?” (Mar, 1969)

The Cat Man says: “Are you killing your cat with kindness?”

Did you discover his favorite food, and feed him only that? Like plain chicken? Plain tuna? Plain kidneys?

That’s too bad, because it really isn’t good for him. Cats are difficult creatures.

They pick a favorite food, and stick to it. When that happens, they could be in trouble.

How to Photograph Cats (Oct, 1955)

Apparently Walter Chandoha is the man who invented the internet (video).

WALTER CHANDOHA. world’s most famous cat photographer, tells how


“For anyone with a camera! Exclusive new book shares my professional secrets!”

Only 25c and 3 Puss ‘n Boots labels

For first time Chandoha explains, in beautifully designed and printed book, how to pose your cat…set camera… take “magazine-cover quality” photos in black-and-white, color! DOs and DON’Ts can save you dollars on wasted shots. Can’t be bought in stores. Send coupon now!

PATENTS ~ Nutty or Novel? (Aug, 1929)

Let’s see:

  • Monowheels have actually gotten a bit popular in the last few years.
  • This company sells marine salvage airbags.
  • I don’t think many people encase their loved ones’ corpses in glass, but I did go to this exhibit which was pretty amazing.
  • Poison bottles seem to have a long history.
  • And forget about pictures, we have actual glow in the dark cats now.

    PATENTS ~ Nutty or Novel?

    Believe it or not, every device illustrated on these pages has been granted a patent by the government. Nutty or Novel — which?

    Air-Filled Balloons Salvage Sunken Ships

    SEEKERS after sunken Spanish galleons loaded with pieces of eight will have to equip themselves with balloons in addition to horse pistols, cutlasses, and other piratical impedimenta if they are to be strictly up-to-date in the matter of ship salvaging.

Cat Mothers White Mice (Jun, 1931)

Cat Mothers White Mice

“PATSY,” pet cat of Miss Madge Mahoney, of Brooklyn, must have read all about the peace talk in Washington and decided to take it to heart, for she has put aside all her feline hatred of her age-old enemies, rats, and is mothering four white rodents as if they were her kittens. At the left we see her having a meal of milk with her foster children without any hard feelings whatever.

Dogs Are Smart – How about Cats? (Jun, 1930)

I can’t speak for other people’s cats but mine is just stupid.

Dogs Are Smart – How about Cats?

Your Pet May Be too Proud to Learn—or Just Stupid. Science Is After the Truth


Department of Psychology, Columbia University

Are cats as smart as dogs? Judging from the experimental evidence so far secured, the answer is an emphatic “No.” In many scientific tests the dog has proved his superior intelligence. And if the question were put to a popular vote, there is small doubt that the dog would score an overwhelming victory.

But science is not yet ready to hand the dog the palm. The reason is that the cat possibly has not had a fair show. Because the dog is a gregarious, sociable animal that loves its master, is eager to please him, and is fond of praise, it is much easier for it to demonstrate its intelligence than it is for the cat. Solitary by nature and habit, indifferent to its master’s attitude and praise, the cat is difficult to “draw out.”