LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds (Jul, 1940)

Is it just me, or does that cat look fake? If there is one thing the internet should be good at, it’s determining the authenticity of cat pictures. After all, that is what it’s made of (video).

LET’S BE PALS! – Odd Friendships End Old Feuds

A DOG that adopted twin mice, a cat that mothers a bloodhound, and a parrot that is chummy with a St. Bernard—these are the strange animal relationships pictured on this page

Senses of Blind Not More Acute / Illuminated Dog to Lead Blind (Sep, 1930)

What exactly is an illuminated dog? Is it a dog with a light on it? Because I think dogs can see fairly well in the dark..

Senses of Blind Not More Acute

THE popular idea that blind persons develop especially delicate senses of hearing and touch to compensate in part for loss of sight is exploded by Professor Pierre Villey, of the University of Caen, France, in summarizing recent psychological and physiological tests.

“Hold That Pose”—Laddie Takes a Try at Photography (Aug, 1929)

“Hold That Pose”—Laddie Takes a Try at Photography

“STEADY, now—there!” That’s probably what this canine photographer shown above is telling Pussy as she is getting her picture taken for the family album. They are the best of friends and have long since disregarded the conventional “greeting” that usually ensues when a dog sights a cat. In fact, Laddie has championed her cause so many times it’s getting to be a habit. Pussy is having difficulty in holding the pose, for a mouse is in the offing. And who cares about a picture at such a time?




THOSE who are inclined to regard the scissors grinder as a dull sort of fellow, who is content to push a cart with a tinkling bell through the streets, may well

contemplate the picture reproduced herewith, of another sort of scissors grinder. He uses his bicycle, riding it until he has work to do, and then supports the rear wheel in the usual way, and uses the machine as a source of power and as his work-bench, too. A simple attachment runs the emery wheel mounted on the handle bar, and the up-to-date grinder may sit at ease and pedal as he does his work.

Drug Store for Sick Pooches (Nov, 1954)

Drug Store for Sick Pooches

Doctor Tarr’s business went to the dogs in its first year and he grossed $30,000 with it.

“HOW to get rich?” is an ever recurring XI question, and one reasonable answer, contributed by Henry Kaiser, the famous industrialist and speed king of ship builders, is: “Render a needed new service.”

Young Hound Stands Seven Feet (Feb, 1930)

Young Hound Stands Seven Feet

BRIAN, thoroughbred Irish wolf hound, only eleven months old and still growing, measures seven feet from toes on the ground to his nose in the air when his master, J. G. MacKenzie, of Lima, Ohio, holds up his forelegs.

Strange Friendships Among Animals (Jul, 1930)

Strange Friendships Among Animals

When the lion lies down with the lamb—or maybe this cat and mouse really are on friendly terms and Pussy has no idea of following her natural bent. It’s a fact that surprising intimacies do spring up between animals born to be enemies and of course this may be a case of that kind. Still the mouse better watch his step and take no chances.



THE old habit, in vogue when mother was a bathing beauty, of going to the beach to be rescued by a handsome lifeguard, is now out-of-date. Today’s pretty swimmer—at least, in California—trains the dog to do her rescuing.

Here you see Ace, a year-old Alsatian shepherd dog, who was trained to do all kinds of stunts for the movies, but who excels at pulling lovely young things out of the drink. All you have to do is scream for help—and Ace will do the rest.

Ace was trained by Earl Johnson, whose dogs have been famous for their movie manners, and it took him only two months to learn his life-saving duties. His father, however, was the famous movie canine, Lightning.



It’s old stuff to Buck, famous movie dog shown above and below, but he is willing to pose so other dogs may learn. Below, training a dog to bark when a stranger approaches. As door opens, the dog is led forward and told to speak. “Guard duty” is the dog’s most fundamental job.

If your dog has learned to obey such commands as “Sit “Come” and “Speak,” he can be taught to perform many useful tasks, according to Carl Spitz, Hollywood trainer of movie dogs.

Feeding was such a mess until Westvaco had a doggone good idea (Apr, 1965)

Feeding was such a mess until Westvaco had a doggone good idea

Rover couldn’t care less about how his food is packaged—but Westvaco couldn’t care more. Proof: this unusual canine six-pack with a throw-it-away feeding tray for each can. Good idea? We might have an even better one for you. For more information on Westvaco packaging, technical service and graphic arts experience, write: West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 230 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10017, Dept. AD-10.

Westvaco inspirations lead to new value in paper and packaging.

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