Tramp Poodle Wins Leather Boots in Long Hike Across the Country (Nov, 1929)

Tramp Poodle Wins Leather Boots in Long Hike Across the Country

UNLESS a tramp poodle dog is lucky as a hitch-hiker he needs boots for a cross-country hike. C. C. Maupin, of Philadelphia, left New York on a hike to Los Angeles. At West Newton, Pennsylvania, he was adopted by the poodle shown at the left and they continued the hike together. About 500 miles on the way, somewhere in Indiana, the poodle had worn off its claws, making further walking impossible.

DOG COTTAGE (Aug, 1957)

DOG COTTAGE transports tiny chihuahua from kennel-to-kennel when she competes for top honors in English dogdom. The lady’s snootful name is Dalhabboch Emima-Maud.

CASH CROP (Jun, 1936)

CASH CROP for you every week in the year raising Royal baby birds. Orders now waiting for hundreds of thousands. Easy to raise. You pet your money for them when only 25 days old. Particulars and picture book for three-cent TL S. stamp.

Write PR Company, 602 Howard Street Melrose, Massachusetts. Refer any bank.

Live Bees Now Mailed in Tiny Cage (Feb, 1932)

Live Bees Now Mailed in Tiny Cage
THE postman now has a new and fairly dangerous article to be carried in his pack, since bees are shipped by parcel post. The bee is very carefully removed from the apiary, placed in a special box cage, which has a small supply of honey to keep the bee alive while in transit. The box has to be of a fair size.

Bossie Gets The Breaks (Feb, 1940)

Bossie Gets The Breaks
ABOVE we see a demonstration of the newly-invented diathermy machine for, applying heat treatment for adhesions and other ills to the udders of cattle. At the right, a contented cow peers out from behind an electric fly screen, the most recent device to save wear and tear on bossie’s fly-swatting tail.

The Cows Like It, Too (Feb, 1940)

The Cows Like It, Too
BRITAIN, expecting every girl to do her duty, is training an army of city girls to make themselves useful on the farm. Before being turned loose on defenseless cows, the girls must first practice on dummies.

Manhattan Game Warden (Nov, 1949)

Manhattan Game Warden

THE towering jungle of Manhattan’s skyscrapers is the last place in the world you’d look for a game warden. But for ten years now George Stamir has been prowling the Big City’s concrete canyons as a N. Y. State Game Protector. In a strictly noncamping business suit, Stamir patrols the streets from his office “camp” at 15 Maiden Lane—a spot that for 300 years has seen nothing wilder than a wilted white collar. He hasn’t caught a hunter bagging a buck in Times Square yet—but he does nab feather merchants for trafficking in eagle plumage and fish-market fishermen for selling small fry or baby clams.

PRICKLY PAIR (Aug, 1954)


TWO sharp quillers from the Amazon Jungle moved in with Marion and Paul McMichael of Brooklyn two years ago just so the husband and wife could prove a point. You see, the quillers are prehensile-tailed porcupines named Gerald and Geraldine and the McMichaels had heard that all such animals were dumb—and dangerous. As a member of the New York Zoological Society, Paul didn’t think so and he brought a couple home to study..


SCIENCE has taken a look at the pigpen and devised a revolutionary new system to raise young swine. Developed by Nutrena Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., the Pigloo is a prefab wooden structure designed to increase the low-cost production of hogs by protecting them from disease. It is said to cut breeding costs over 50 per cent.

Doctor Makes Peg Leg for Porker (May, 1932)

Reminds me of this joke.

Doctor Makes Peg Leg for Porker

WHEN Oscar broke his hind leg some time ago it looked like it wouldn’t be long before some white-aproned butcher would be weighing him up as ham, bacon, pigs’ feet, etc. However, a doctor was called in and he decided that an operation was in order.

Oscar was given chloroform and slept while the doctor amputated his limb. Later a peg leg was adjusted on Oscar as the photo shows. The butcher will have to wait.