Amazing Snapshots of Animals (Jun, 1939)

Amazing Snapshots of Animals

Bring Fame to Desert Photographer

IN A desert shack that cost less than fifty cents to build, Fred V. Sampson, of Barstow, Calif., has found not only contentment but a curious road to fame. Three years ago, he left his job as a commercial artist in Los Angeles and built the low, one-room hut on the edge of the Mohave Desert. Three wails are made of mud and stones, the fourth is formed of the gold-bearing rock of a steep hillside. Here, Sampson spends his days doing what he wants most to do, making friends with curious creatures of the desert and snapping pictures of the animals in action. These photographs—some of the most remarkable wildlife pictures ever made—are attracting wide attention.



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Walking Cage Protects Lion-Farm Guards (Jul, 1939)

Walking Cage Protects Lion-Farm Guards

It looks as though the lion were the keeper, and the man the caged animal, in the photograph above, but the scene was really snapped on the world’s only commercial lion farm, at El Monte, Calif., to picture the mobile cage designed to protect trainers who may have to track down and kill any untamable beast that escapes from the confines of its pen. The floorless, three-wheeled cage has heavy wire protective netting mounted over a strong wood frame, with a gun slot to permit firing in any direction.

Big Profit Restringing Rackets (Apr, 1934)

Big Profit Restringing Rackets

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Genuine Lamb Gut

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Bizarre Animal Headgear (Feb, 1947)

Latest Rural Head Lines

Bifocals Blackout Bulls. Farmers know a bull won’t charge when he can’t see. The Masbruch halter above, produced by the Russell Mfg. Co., Platteville, Wis., lets a bull walk and graze, but when he lowers his head to charge, his vision is blocked.

Horse Specs. Now come goggles to protect the eyes of race horses from mud clots and dust kicked up by their running mates. The specs are made by setting two Plexiglas bubbles into a regular set of blinkers. Showing off a pair, above, is Royal Hustle, first thoroughbred to wear them.

Kindly Weaner. Consisting of metal tabs that close over a calf’s mouth when it raises its head to nurse, the Shur-Way weaner, left, prevents injury to the mother cow and breaks the calf of its habit without punishment. Yet in no other way does it curb the calf’s freedom or keep it from feeding.

The Truth About “Experimental Animals” (Feb, 1949)

I love this little diatribe against animal rights activists because it shows how little has changed in the last 50 odd years. If this guy is still alive I’ll bet he’s working for Fox News. He uses the exact same techniques they do. People who don’t strongly support vivisection “hate humans”, much like liberals “hate America”. He sets up straw men and creates fictional arguments to knock down, for example stating that anti-vivisectionists are against counting a cat’s heartbeats. Really? Because his title for them seems to imply that their primary objection is to cutting open and dissecting live animals.

The other truly modern part of this letter comes in the first to last paragraph. There the author explains that if you speak out against the animal-rights movement you will be tortured just like those people in the Nazi death camps. It looks like Godwin’s Law was alive and well long before the Internet. This article was written just 4 years after the holocaust and already liberals are Nazis.

The Truth About “Experimental Animals”

DO you like dogs? Then you should read the article, “Science Tries You Out On the Dog,” on page 151. Not only does it tell you some things about dogs nobody knew before; it will also give you an idea of what animal experimentation is all about.

You should know that your liking for dogs is lending silent support to an organized campaign against the use of experimental animals. Your sense of human decency is being used by a few willful people to threaten anyone who questions their motives. These people are crazy about dogs. Literally crazy in some extreme cases, where it isn’t that they love dogs—but that they hate humans.

His Business is Laying An Egg (Mar, 1952)

I think that an “Eggs Laid While You Wait” place would make a killing in Brooklyn today.

His Business is Laying An Egg

Everybody knows a tree grows in Brooklyn, but it took Murray Weiss’ egg farm to prove that hens could thrive there, too.

By H. W. Kellick

THERE’S a chicken ranch deep in the heart of Brooklyn where hens lay eggs while you wait.

More than 3,500 white leghorns working on the fowl line in this indoor farm deliver about 130 dozen eggs daily. And they are sold direct to the consumer.

The indoor farm, known as the Weiss-Way Egg Farm, is an idea developed by Murray Weiss. A former farmer and graduate in husbandry of the New Jersey State Agricultural School, Weiss conducts his business on a purely scientific system.

Rump Strap for Dairy Cow Stops Switching of Tail (Dec, 1950)

Rump Strap for Dairy Cow Stops Switching of Tail
Even though the barn is thoroughly sprayed twice daily to eliminate flies, dairy cows accustomed to switching their tails during the day in order to keep off the pests frequently continue this habit during milking. To prevent it, one dairyman attaches a loop of rope or webbing to the milking-machine strap and places the loop in the position pictured to keep “Bossy’s” switching tail under control.

Pet Dog Makes Living Fur Piece (Jun, 1939)

Pet Dog Makes Living Fur Piece

SIGNS reading “No Dogs Allowed” mean nothing to Miss Jeanne Lorraine, of New York City, since she taught her twelve-year-old pet toy collie, Jiggs, to drape himself around her neck and masquerade as a fur piece. The trick first worked on a clerk at a residential hotel that barred pets, and Miss Lorraine has been using it ever since to take her dog through subways, past customs officers, on railroad coaches, and into other places where canine companions are not welcomed. To heighten the illusion, Jigg’s mistress selects costumes in shades of brown that blend with her dog’s coloring, and then attaches a “pinned” flower corsage to the dog’s fur by means of an elastic band around his belly. The animal then promptly relaxes every muscle so that he can be draped gracefully around his owner’s neck, like a fox, mink, or marten skin. For periods up to one hour at a stretch, Jiggs will hardly bat an eye, his only movement being an occasional tail wag, which his mistress covers up with a nonchalant stroke of her hand.

MAKE THIS Squirrel Lamp (Sep, 1933)

MAKE THIS Squirrel Lamp

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