How Frank Buck Filmed His Tiger-Python Battle (Nov, 1932)

How Frank Buck Filmed His Tiger-Python Battle

Everyone who has seen Frank Buck’s “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” that amazing movie of jungle life, is asking the question: “How did they ever film that spectacular battle between a Bengal tiger and a 30-foot python? Was it faked? How did the cameramen happen to be on the scene—and how did they escape with their own lives?” Read the answer in this article.

WHO won — the python or the tiger? This is the question which is bothering thousands of folks who have seen Frank Buck’s startling movie of jungle life, “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” and who have been vividly impressed by the incomparably spectacular scenes shown therein where a Bengal tiger, dreaded king of the jungle, battles the flashing coils of a deadly rock python thirty feet in length.

Mechanical Cues DIRECT Animals in the “BARKIES” (Jun, 1932)

Odd article explaining all of the tricks and techniques used by trainers to get their animals to perform in movies without using vocal commands.

Mechanical Cues DIRECT Animals in the “BARKIES”


When the talkies came in, directors of animal pictures faced a new problem. Before the super-sensitive mike, vocal commands were impossible, so other means of giving “stars” their cues had to be devised. In this unusual article you are taken behind the scenes and shown how directors utilize ingenious mechanical gadgets to make animals perform with keen intelligence before the camera.

Second Dog Is Restored to Life (Jan, 1935)

Second Dog Is Restored to Life

ROBERT E. CORNISH, California biologist, who amazed the scientific world last spring by reviving a dog clinically put to death (Modern Mechanix and Inventions, July, 1934) recently repeated the success of his original experiment with even more encouraging results.

Lazarus IV, subject of the first successful experiment, has learned to crawl, bark, sit up on its haunches and consume nearly a pound of meat a day. The dog is blind and cannot stand alone, but results encouraged Dr. Cornish to launch a new series of experiments.

Recently Lazarus V was put to death with an overdose of ether. Half an hour after its breathing had stopped and five minutes after its heart was stilled, the animal was revived by means of chemicals and artificial respiration. Dr. Cornish, enthusiastic, has been reported as saying that Lazarus V returned nearer normalcy in four days than the other Lazarus in thirteen days.

Table-Top Photos of Grasshoppers (Jun, 1952)

Here’s an unusual photographic hobby:

Table-Top Photos of Grasshoppers

CREATING LIFELIKE SCENES in miniature is Dr. Lehman Wendell’s way of relaxing. The Minneapolis dentist arranges his insect “actors” with dime-store props. Their stage is the top of a tahle in the basement; lighting is supplied by two ordinary bulbs, one cm each side. Dr. Wendell snaps the scenes with a single-lens reflex camera and does his own processing.


In order to save space in shipping, small live pigs are being sent in baskets for long distances in south China. By placing them in the baskets, large numbers can be piled in a comparatively small space and the porkers can be handled like any inanimate units of merchandise.

News Carrying Pigeons Aid Japanese Press (Feb, 1935) (Feb, 1935)

News Carrying Pigeons Aid Japanese Press

Latest news and undeveloped photographic film frequently are rushed from the scene of a big event to Japanese newspapers by pigeons. The birds have been found a handy substitute for telegraph and telephone, being sent winging to headquarters with the latest scores of games
or news bulletins. This flying messenger service has been operated successfully between Yokohama and Tokyo. Exposed film is placed in a case resembling a fountain pen and attached to the bird’s back, while news reports are carried in aluminum capsules fastened to the bird’s legs.

Holy Taxidermy (Dec, 1935)

Big Fun – Big money

Learn to MOUNT Birds and Animals

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New fur-bearing animal now being bred in U.S. Offers huge profits to breeders. This fur is next to Mink NOW in price and will soon surpass it. 15 to 20 young per year. Most easily and economically raised animal known, 1-1/2c per day to feed, ANY CLIMATE, disease resistant. The Cabana Marrone strain is obtainable ONLY through Cabana Nutria, Inc. and its authorized dealers and distributors. For free booklet and address of Cabana ranch nearest you write:
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Eyeglasses for Dogs (Apr, 1939)

There is actually a company called Doggles that sells prescription eyewear for your dog.

Eyeglasses for Dogs

BY MENTIONING that her dog seemed nearsighted, a girl customer started an optician of Geneva, Switzerland, on his way to becoming a specialist in fitting canines with glasses. Not only did he succeed in curing her pet, but now he has found a novel and profitable career in applying his newly discovered methods to other four-footed subjects.

do—it—with—squabs (Apr, 1939)

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