MAKE THIS Squirrel Lamp (Sep, 1933)

MAKE THIS Squirrel Lamp

Yes sir, out of a real squirrel! Also make ash-trays, book-ends, etc., using rabbits, frogs, etc. LEARN AT HOME TO MOUNT BIRDS, ANIMALS & FISH; tan skins and make rugs. Decorate your room.

It’s FUN! BIG profits in spare time! Free book tells how.
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N. W. SCHOOL OF TAXIDERMY, Dept.4736 Omaha, Nebr.

Pioneer Seeing Eye Dog Is Preserved (Sep, 1940)

Pioneer Seeing Eye Dog Is Preserved

Almo, said to have been the first police dog brought to this country as a “seeing eye” for the blind, has been . preserved as in life for his master, Dr. W. A. Christensen, of Hollywood, Calif. When the animal died, John M. Schleisser, California naturalist, first measured him, both before and after the skin was removed. Next, he modeled Almo in clay, made a cast over the clay, and inside this cast molded a form of papier-mache. Then he fitted the skin, which had been tanned and mothproofed, over the form. Finally he returned the original jawbone and teeth to the mouth. Wearing his harness, as shown at right, Almo now looks as alive as when he trotted across Hollywood street intersections ahead of his master.

Table-Top Photos of Grasshoppers (Jun, 1952)

Here’s an unusual photographic hobby:

Table-Top Photos of Grasshoppers

CREATING LIFELIKE SCENES in miniature is Dr. Lehman Wendell’s way of relaxing. The Minneapolis dentist arranges his insect “actors” with dime-store props. Their stage is the top of a tahle in the basement; lighting is supplied by two ordinary bulbs, one cm each side. Dr. Wendell snaps the scenes with a single-lens reflex camera and does his own processing.

Holy Taxidermy (Dec, 1935)

Big Fun – Big money

Learn to MOUNT Birds and Animals

Learn this WONDERFUL new, fascinating and PROFITABLE art at home by mail. This old famous school, with over 100,000 students GUARANTEES success. Thousands of Popular Mechanics readers have already enrolled. Mount and preserve GAME ANIMALS AND BIRDS like life. Mount common and domestic animals in highly amusing and human-like groups. The actual squirrels shown above, MOUNTED AND DRESSED up. cost but a few cents for materials, but sold for $40 for a window display. Rabbits, frogs, mice. cats, pigs, sparrows, pigeons—ALL can be mounted in funny and interesting groups, imitating human situations. Great fun, tremendously fascinating, extremely profitable.


The Truman one is kinda cute and the De Gaulle one looks like it should be in the Dark Crystal.


Jean Sulpice, Parisian restaurateur, believes that lobsters and people have similar features. These “portraits” seem to prove the artist’s contention.

With a few props (a cigar, glasses and hats) and his lobster shells, the Frenchman created these caricatures of two famous international figures.

ANYONE WHO HAS seen Paris knows about Place Pigalle—and knows that almost anything can be found there. That is why it is no surprise to learn that in the city of artists, one Pigalle restaurateur is an artist who hangs his work from the ceiling. More surprising is his medium—lobster shells!

Page 2 Captions:
Left, no label is needed to identify De Gaulle. Right, not so easy to recognize is the figure of the French president. Vincent Auriol

Fine wire holds the various parts of the figures together in their lifelike poses

Hanging from the ceiling in a somewhat frightening array are scores of examples of the artist’s work in a variety of subjects

Stuffed Frog Makes Novel Lamp (Oct, 1934)

Stuffed Frog Makes Novel Lamp
NOVELTY taxidermy, in which mounted birds and animals are arranged in special poses to serve as useful articles, is fast becoming a fad in this country. One of the most popular subjects is the frog lamp.

A stuffed bullfrog reclines lazily against his toadstool shade, holding a tiny fish-pole. Swamp grass glued to the base makes a realistic shore line, while a bit of mirror serves as the pool.

Mounted bull-frog fishing on bank of pool under shade of giant toadstool makes attractive table lamp. Taxidermists find great demand for specimens mounted in natural settings such as this. Tiny electric light bulbs are under the shade.