Radio Cleared of Slander (Mar, 1930)

No one these days would ever believe anything this silly, would they?

Radio Cleared of Slander

THE rush of radio waves through the ether has not made Paris hotter or colder, dryer or rainier than in the years before the invention of wireless, Joseph Sanson, French engineer and meteorologist, has concluded as a result of a study of weather records for the past two centuries. The same sort of irregularities were present in past years as have been evident in the decade since the wide use of wireless.

TELEPHONY (Mar, 1930)

I had no idea the word telephony was this old.



Would you like a well-paid position as Telephone expert? Only a few minutes a day with this wonder-book will prepare you to break into this fascinating field in less than a year. New edition, includes “automatic” machine switching, “manual” switchboards, long-distance and cable lines,—every engineering, operating and business phase of the great telephone industry.

German Electronics Moves Ahead (May, 1956)

German Electronics Moves Ahead

City of Hanover now boasts its first wireless telephone system. Left, the antenna which handles u.h.f. signals from the 80-watt transmitter. Above, a motorist uses the transmitter-receiver installed in her car. Push buttons on dashboard select channels for voice messages.

Radio Makers Find New Uses for Sets (Jan, 1930)

Radio Makers Find New Uses for Sets

No longer is radio confined to furnishing parlor entertainment. Manufacturers have found numerous new uses for radio sets which promise to make them an even more important part of our everyday life.

RADIO, which most of us are accustomed to think of as a means of parlor entertainment, is rapidly being applied in novel ways as manufacturers seek for new methods of using sets.

Old Phone Holds Unusual Record (Feb, 1934)

Old Phone Holds Unusual Record

THE tiny town of Bay, California, holds the distinction of having the furthest west telephone exchange in America. The old-fashioned switchboard is stationed in the general store, and tended by the storekeeper, Mrs. Z. E. Robertson.

Eastport, Maine, brags of being furthest east. The town fathers of Bay are going to change the name of their hamlet to Westport, and take their place in the hall of fame.

If it’s the best telecommunications system on earth, why on earth change it? (Oct, 1982)

I wonder how many other companies in U.S. history have had to write a “We’re being split up by the U.S. government, but here’s why it’s a good thing” ad? I would guess maybe Standard Oil or U.S. Steel, but I’ve never seen one.

If it’s the best telecommunications system on earth, why on earth change it?

If you’ve ever tried to make a telephone call anyplace else on earth, you know what you’ve got in America. The best telecommunications system in the world.

But now you’ve heard the Bell System is on the verge of major changes. Changes in how we’re organized. Changes in the way you can choose to do business with us.

Two-way Pocket Radio (Apr, 1947)

Two-way Pocket Radio

made during the war by Tele-Radio, Ltd., for British secret service work will soon be on the market. -It has a range of one mile with the power-pack shown, but manufacturers say its power can easily be increased. The firm will offer manufacturing rights to interested parties in the United States and Canada. Below, the set is compared in size with a cigarette case.

“Tele-Talkies” in Color Latest Feat in Radio (Dec, 1929)

“Tele-Talkies” in Color Latest Feat in Radio

Radio’s latest surprise, talking pictures in color, will soon be available to every home. Artists are now to literally stage performances in your living room.

A VERY pretty girl in a fancy dress of many colors sat before a transmitter in a certain section of the Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York City the other Jay. Just a few steps away, in an adjacent room, a group of famous scientists and journalists, evincing the utmost curiosity, concentrated their attention upon a television receiving apparatus.

Radio Aids Driver Trainees (Feb, 1960)

Radio Aids Driver Trainees

High school students learning to drive hear about their “road manners” through in-car radio setup.

BEFORE Flint, Mich., began its driver training program four years ago it had hit rock bottom in traffic safety for cities its size. Now Flint is number two.

Type Is Now Being Set By Telegraphic Impulses (Jan, 1930)

Yeah, let’s just hook this teletype up to a machine that is literally full of molten lead. What could possibly go wrong? Luckily hackers did make an appearance for another 30 years or so.

Type Is Now Being Set By Telegraphic Impulses

Demonstrations in Rochester, N.Y., are reported to prove the value of the new teletypesetter machines that make it possible for telegraphic impulses to control and operate linotype and intertype machines. This Is a practical extension of telegraphic operation of electric typewriters.