Radio-Telephone Aids Police (Sep, 1935)

Radio-Telephone Aids Police

MOTOR PATROLMEN, through the latest development in police communication, perfected by Bell Telephone laboratories, can now carry on a two-way conversation with headquarters without leaving their cars. The radio car transmitter weighs but 20 pounds, has a power of 5 watts, and is crystal controlled. The sound of the patrolman’s voice automatically puts the transmitter on the air.

Now a telephone with a dial that lights up! (Mar, 1955)

Now a telephone with a dial that lights up!

Have you seen the new Bell telephone with a dial that lights up? It’s perfect for bedrooms, sickrooms … or any dimly lit place. Just pick up the handset and the dial is instantly illuminated.

“Handie Talkie” (May, 1945)

If you count all of the transistors and other solid state components, a current model iPhone has something on the order of a quarter trillion parts.

“Handie Talkie”

comes out of its case to show its remarkably compact construction. The 5-tube sending and receiving radio telephone weighs only slightly more than 5 pounds, but contains 585 tiny parts. The batteries which operate it have a life of 12-1/2 hours.



The Southerner who made good by making New Yorkers look up expects the whole postwar world to go sign-happy in the Times Square manner

The sky’s no limit to Douglas Leigh, today’s Lamplighter of Broadway and King of the Spectaculars, those illuminated, animated supersigns that are catching on across the country.

Their words have wings as swift as light (Dec, 1930)

Their words have wings as swift as light

An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company

We live and work as no other people have ever done. Our activities are pitched to the swiftness of the instantaneous age.

Cosmic Clearing House (Jun, 1960)

electronics “talks” to the universe through

Cosmic Clearing House

By Lloyd Mallan

Life on other planets? How can we communicate?

These are questions for Cornell’s new space center.

THERE are about ten-billion suns in our “local” universe, the Milky Way. Will man be able to communicate with countless planets that are probably revolving about them? Is our knowledge of radio adequate?

man, Like UTICA’s Way Out IN FRONT (Aug, 1962)

man, Like UTICA’s Way Out IN FRONT

No other rig manufactured today swings quite like Utica’s. These cats are the ones who first swung with the MC-27 Town & Country, and now it’s the T&C II. Utica Gismotchy Horizontal-Vertical Beam Antenna—Utica Buddy Whip Mobile Antenna—Utica Buddy Ground Plane Antenna When you are looking for the best, “Man, this is the place.”

Coming—The Talking Newspaper (Nov, 1932)

Coming—The Talking Newspaper

THE day of the talking book, the talking newspaper and the talking magazine is foreshadowed in the recent invention of a French machine which reads from a strip of film-like substance any speech that is recorded on it.

Radio-Powered Sky Station (Feb, 1960)

Radio-Powered Sky Station

A loft on microwave power, sky station will provide better communications, better missile-age defense.

THE controlled transmission of energy through space is no longer a dream of scientists or the exclusive tool of fiction writers—it is reality.

Jap Auto Is Traveling Postoffice (Jun, 1934)

Jap Auto Is Traveling Postoffice

A POSTOFFICE is always at hand when passengers arrive or embark from any ship at the Japanese seaport village of Kobe. An enterprising postmaster has set up offices in the rear of an odd automobile. He follows the crowds around the water front, selling postal supplies to sailors and travellers. The car is powered with a motorcycle engine.