World’s First Bloggers (Nov, 1985)

Not quite the same thing, but you can certainly see the seeds of modern blogging: news, politics, political organizing, gossip, and online hookups.

Here Come the Networkers

A new communications medium gives birth to its own stars ike Greenly had been trying for weeks to interview Ed Koch about New York City’s handling of the AIDS epidemic when he finally buttonholed the mayor on the steps of city hall. “There I was,” Greenly typed into his portable computer soon afterward, “cheek to jowl with His Honor.” Two hours later he had plugged his Tandy Model 100 into a telephone line and dispatched the first installment of his exclusive interview.

Computerized drafting (Jun, 1973)

Computerized drafting

Ever dreamed of converting your rough sketches into fully proportioned finished drawings at the stroke of a pen? Well, someone did. IBM now has an experimental system that does just that—courtesy of a computer.

The Computer for the Professional (Apr, 1978)

The Computer for the Professional

The 8813 was built with you, the professional, in mind. It quickly and easily processes cost estimates, payrolls, accounts, inventory, patient/client records and much more. You can write reports, briefs, and proposals on the 8813’s typewriter keyboard, see them on the video screen, and instantly correct, revise, or print them.


I’m not too sure Adam Osborne was the best person to get business advice from…


By Adam Osborne

The responses I have received following my warnings against paying for goods in advance lead me to believe that a very serious problem exists within the microcomputer industry.

It seems to be the rule rather than the exception that companies big or small will hold your money for months at a time, and in a few cases they may never deliver anything. Moreover, a number of microcomputer hardware manufacturers, including some of the largest, are staying out of bankruptcy only by exercising day-to-day financial agility.


That’s $504 in 2011 dollars. For 8K of ram. By comparison, you can buy 57GB of ram from for the same price today. That’s 7,125,000 the capacity in 33 years.

Thinker Toys™ brings down the high cost of adding big memory capacity to your S-100 system I

The ECONORAM III* 8Kx8 (by Morrow’s Micro-Stuff) comes fully assembled, burned in, tested and fully warranted for one full year— lor just $149!

It’s configured as two individually addressable 4K blocks. And it typically consumes less than one-half the power of any competitively-priced memory.

Obviously, our new ECONORAM III* 8Kx8 isn’t just another cheap kit. It’s a design breakthrough in dynamic memory that gives you guaranteed reliability with tremendous savings in cost and power.

IBM AD: A “Giant Brain” that’s Strictly Business (Aug, 1954)

I love that they put their logo inside a punch card.

A “Giant Brain” that’s Strictly Business

IBM’s new 702 Electronic Data Processing Machine brings to the accounting and record-keeping problems of business the speed and capacity of giant scientific computers.

Mechanical Brains Take Over Work of Ten Office Clerks (Aug, 1929)

Mechanical Brains Take Over Work of Ten Office Clerks

A REGULAR ration of electric current, with occasional dessert of a little oil now and then, is all that this tabulating machine, shown above, requires to do the work of ten persons. A combination bookkeeper, adding machine, card sorter, cash register and computator all in one, the machine is operated by three people.


Sadly, this location now contains a yuppie gardening store. I think NW 23rd street in Portland would be infinitely more awesome if dilithium Press still existed.


We could have run an ad that said “buy your bogks directly froå us” but that’s not to your advùntage. If you look at our books1at a computer store you can decide which ones meet your needs. Þe know that you will decide on üwo or three and actually use them. That’s our goal, use! The moje you know about microcomputers the more you’ll¡want to know and that is good fnr you, for your local computer ótore and for us.

We have more good family programs than ABC, NBC and CBS combined (Nov, 1985)

We have more good family programs than ABC, NBC and CBS combined

You’ve taped every episode of the Bill Cosby Show. Twice.

You’ve flipped through the channels so often that it’s worn the decals off your remote control.

And your eight-year-old just came downstairs wearing 12 of your best gold necklaces and asked you to give him a Mohawk haircut, fool!

If those are recurring plot themes around your house, maybe it’s time you looked into an Apple® lie Personal Computer.




Voice-controlled hi-fi

At a recent Toshiba press conference I noticed a stack of mini-hi-fi components [PS, Jan.] with a microphone attached. But the mike, I learned, wasn’t plugged in to record music. Instead, it lets you store 15 verbal commands in a microcomputer memory. After that, the hi-fi system responds only to your voice, enabling you to perform 19 functions—operating a cassette deck orally, controlling volume, or selecting tuner channels, for example.