Crime and Police
Jail Is Turned into “Fortress” by Machine-Gun Guard Cages (Dec, 1936)

Jail Is Turned into “Fortress” by Machine-Gun Guard Cages

Bulletproof cages, manned by guards armed with machine guns, rifles and tear gas, have been built in an Illinois jail to balk attempted escapes. ‘The cages are equipped with revolving seats from which the guards keep watch through five windows in each cage. The windows have gun ports commanding exits and jail cells.



By Lionel Calhoun Moise

Fast-Growing Debasement of Our Youngsters, Making Them Wantons and Killers

SHAME and death are the evil blossoms of a sinister growth that threatens to ruin the health and minds of thousands of America’s youth. Striking in the darkness, this stealthy public enemy can be fought only by the clear daylight of publicity. Only in this way can we secure the drastic legislation to cope with a new and deadly menace. But just what is this gloomy monster of destruction?

Consternation swept an exclusive Eastern finishing school recently when one of its popular girl students suddenly killed herself. The school authorities hushed up the scandal with a story of accident, then launched an investigation to determine the cause of the tragedy.

Super-Gun for Modern Crime Fighters (Mar, 1962)

Super-Gun for Modern Crime Fighters


SHADES of Al Capone. Even the bootleg king’s old town of Cicero, Ill., finally has hung up its tommy guns. The Cicero police force has replaced its prohibition era “choppers” with space-age Colt Armalite AR-15 light machine rifles.

Throughout the country, matter of fact, America’s 300,000 lawmen are taking a long look at their outdated arsenals.

No wonder. With the AR-15 holding the spotlight of the show, Colt representatives are putting on special police demonstrations that really show what this new gun can do.

I recently participated in one of them. Bill Murphy represented the Colt Co., and a group of top gunnery instructors from the Chicago police department were on hand.

Metal “Claw” To Catch Criminals (Oct, 1936)

This would make for some very interesting police chases.

Metal “Claw” To Catch Criminals

SIR MALCOLM CAMPBELL, noted English auto racer, has invented a mechanical “claw” for autos that may be used by Scotland Yard. Operated from within the car, it can be moved in any desired direction and can be used to grab the spare wheel or bumper of the car it is pursuing. Device is being tested at Hendon Police College in England. If successful, the new device may be placed as standard equipment on the autos used by the police to aid apprehension of criminals.

Fingerprint “Lifted” on Film without Using a Camera (Jul, 1936)

Fingerprint “Lifted” on Film without Using a Camera

Two steps in the process of fingerprinting—the photographing of the original finger marks and development of the film—are eliminated by a simple method now being used. In this system the negative is not made photographically. The finger marks are powdered, then “lifted” on a jellylike transparent film. This is covered with another film which adheres to it, protecting the powder fingerprint and forming a negative.

Audible Police Blotter (Jul, 1946)

Audible Police Blotter

SOUND MOVIES give the Los Angeles police an additional means of recording automobile accidents. Communications equipment from B-29s is now in use in patrol cars.

Amazing Tear Gas Pencil (Mar, 1962)

Amazing Tear Gas Pencil

Blasts Molesters…Thugs!
100% Protection!


Discharges tear gas to instantly stop, stun and incapacitate the most vicious man or beast. Effective substitute for firearms; leaves no permanent injury. No selling experience needed. Handle as profitable sideline, soon you’ll sell it full time. Start now, 5 easy sales net $25.00 a day up. Send $5.95 for demonstration kit of Automatic Tear Gas Pencil, 10 demonstrators and 3 Tear Gas Cartridges. NOT SOLD TO MINORS. State age with order.
HAGEN SUPPLY CORP., Oept. SM 32, St Paul 1, Minn.

Versatile Gun (Aug, 1957)

This Gun

Fires Triangular Cartridges!
Is a 20-Shot Revolver!
Can Be Loaded While Firing!
Comes With Two Barrel Sizes!
Can Be Converted To a Rifle!

THE revolutionary new Dardick open chamber revolver is as versatile as a six-armed monkey. It comes with two different sized barrels, converts from a pistol to a rifle, fires 20 triangular cartridges, ejects fired cases and can be loaded while firing. The double-action, semiautomatic gun uses the special .38 or .22 Dardick cartridge or, with a simple adapter, any standard ammunition. Open chamber ejection makes it possible to build lighter and faster firing weapons that are more reliable at less cost than standard guns.

Head Measurements Help To Identify Criminals (Jul, 1939)

Head Measurements Help To Identify Criminals

A device long used by hat stores, to measure the size and shape of a customer’s head, now helps police of Norwalk, Conn., to identify criminals. According to sponsors of the new method,who use it in conjunction with fingerprinting, no two men have heads of exactly the same shape. Therefore, the perforated contour patterns produced by the device will afford a check on a suspect’s identity, and may prove particularly valuable if he has attempted to alter his fingerprints by chemical or surgical means. Since he cannot change the contour of his skull, this would remain as a telltale clew to his identity.

Police Identification System “Fingerprints” Faces (Oct, 1941)

Police Identification System “Fingerprints” Faces

FACES are classified like fingerprints, to index hundreds of thousands of portraits, in the criminal files of Los Angeles County, Calif. A ruled glass screen called a “physiogmograph,” applied to each photograph, enables experts to determine accurately such information as facial height and width, and the size and shape of nose and mouth. Characteristics also noted include position of the ears, height, weight, general build, and the color of hair, eyes, and complexion. Finally, all these items are ingeniously combined in a number-and-letter code symbol, such as 11/5 NUFCFLCHD, under which the picture is filed.