Crime and Police


Photographic identification of fleeing criminals may be obtained with a recently perfected camera which is attached to a pistol or rifle and worked by the gun’s trigger. The lens used can work at an opening of F/3.5, which permits the camera to be used in comparatively poor light and at high speed. The small negatives are sharp enough to be enlarged.

Amateur PICK POCKETS Study in CRIME College (Feb, 1930)

Amateur PICK POCKETS Study in CRIME College

Scaltiel, “master thief” of stage, reveals secrets of light-fingered gentry who operate throughout the world depriving victims of their valuables.

PERHAPS there is no stranger profession than that of Scaltiel, master thief and the smoothest pickpocket of them all, but who is as honest as the day is long, practicing his talents for the entertainment of theater goers and who now reveals the innermost secrets of the schools for the training of pickpockets.




Because of the impending foreign crises, these guards are always on the watch to prevent meddling.

Ready for Any Contingency

Equipped with rifles and rapid fire guns, the Second Battalion of the New York State naval militia is detailed to the task of keeping cranks and over wrought foreign sympathizers from damaging our traffic links.

Public Lock-Picker Number One (Jul, 1950)

Public Lock-Picker Number One

Police are glad locksmith Barney Zion is on their side. He claims he can open any lock without a key—and constantly proves it.

By Joseph P. Blank

FOR 6000 years, locksmiths have been trying to produce a pick-proof lock. One of these days that marvel may come to pass but before the fortunate inventor can announce his claims his lock will have to confound America’s Public Lock-Picker Number One-—Bernard Zion.

Is the Communist conspiracy to conquer America an imminent danger at present? (Jun, 1956)

This is bizarre. They just slipped this in at the end of the magazine where they normally just have advertisements.


Is the Communist conspiracy to conquer America an imminent danger at present? Are subversive elements in this country being held in check?
Asked of: J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI.

YES, Communism today does represent a great danger to America. Our democratic way of life is threatened by a gigantic tyranny which already has engulfed millions of freedom-loving people.

FINGERPRINTing Kit: Imagine the fun… (Jan, 1934)

“FINGERPRINTing” is a pretty weird way to capitalize a word. The only thing I can think of is that they were trying to copyright “FINGERPRINT” one word, no space, all caps…

Imagine the fun…

For Children
For Grown-Ups
For Professional Use
For Business Efficiency

…keeping baby’s record…or the family’s record…comparing friends’ fingerprints… amusing visitors…with this scientific set!

The latest fad! Keeping a permanent record of FINGERPRINTS! Made doubly delightful by real, detective-like, elaborate set that gives you all the facilities of Scotland Yard!

Tricks of Short Change Artists (Oct, 1930)

Tricks of Short Change Artists


You will be less likely to lose money to the short change artist after you have read Mr. Murray’s interesting expose of the methods employed by crooks.

ARE the con men, the shills and the short-change artists of the old time circus and carnival deserting the field for the more generous one of big business? The present-day short-change artist is entirely modernized with up-to-date methods. Methods have to be up-to-date to make it possible to short-change an experienced bank teller, and that is exactly what they are doing.

Outwitting the Plant Smugglers (Apr, 1931)

It’s like practice for the drug war.

Outwitting the Plant Smugglers

by James Nevin Miller

IT WAS an ordinary looking package in the hands of an honest-appearing man who stepped from the steamer Charlotte M. Hall onto the Baltimore dock not so long ago.

The parcel had passed the customs officials, and had, apparently, a clear road to its destination anywhere in the United States. Yet it contained destructive agents that bade fair to wreck hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property, and that might have left a trail of poverty and ruined homes throughout a period of many years.

SCIENCE on the Trail of Crime (Oct, 1930)

SCIENCE on the Trail of Crime

by Lieut. Col. Calvin Goddard

Director of Chicago’s Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory

On St. Valentine’s Day, 1929, a party of Chicago gangsters, armed with two sub-machine guns, stood seven rivals against the wall of a gang rendezvous and mowed them down. A coroner’s jury was impaneled and as a result of their labors Mr. Bert Mas see, the foreman, brought to Chicago Lieut. Col. Calvin Goddard, a famous expert on forensic ballistics, endowed a scientific crime detection laboratory, and placed Col. Goddard in charge. He tells here of the detective work of this laboratory.

Mechanics of Killing (Apr, 1948)

Mechanics of Killing

From the first torture rack to the latest gas chamber, science has transformed the criminal’s execution from a human butchery into a skilled profession.

BY Lester David

WHEN the world was younger, the law’s method of exacting an eye for an eye and a life for a life was crude. Today the mechanics of executions have been made both deadly and scientific.

Not so always! In ancient Rome a condemned man, clad only in a loin cloth, was shoved by his executioner into a large sack. Into the sack also was placed a dog, a rooster and a poisonous snake. The writhing bundle was hurled into a swamp, and the execution had been carried out.