Ride This Ice Merry-Go-Round for Thrills (Jan, 1931)

Ride This Ice Merry-Go-Round for Thrills


Speed is the chief source of thrills in winter sports. If you can lay hands on an old two-horsepower gas engine, you can construct this novel Ice Merry-Go-Round and get a real thrill as it whizzes you at top speed in circles around the ice.

BOOMERANG throwers Show Amazing Skill (Dec, 1929)

BOOMERANG throwers Show Amazing Skill

Deadly primitive weapon, a flat crooked stick, is still thrown by native tribesmen with remarkable accuracy and properly hurled the weapon will fly back almost to the feet of the thrower. Bushmen make more than 20 forms of boomerangs and the home shop worker can with little difficulty construct his own weapon.


A Fan Motor Television Receiver For Experimenters (Mar, 1931)

A Fan Motor Television Receiver For Experimenters

Here is a simple and easily-built type of television receiver with which you can pick up the television images now being transmitted over the air from a number of stations.

THE time is now ripe for radio fans who build their own sets to construct a television receiver. Several broadcasting stations are on the air transmitting on both long and short waves, and have so perfected their apparatus that a simple receiver like that illustrated in the accompanying drawings will bring out the pictures with a fair degree of clarity and brilliancy.

Set Building Simplified by Standardized Hookup Board (Jan, 1930)

Set Building Simplified by Standardized Hookup Board

THIS new hookup board will gladden the heart of many a newcomer into radio because of the ease with which it allows the novice to hook up his receiver. It eliminates all wiring from part to part and practically any type of circuit can be employed. Consequently the following of blueprints and diagrams can be avoided and the various items assembled by merely plugging them in the proper sockets in the board.

Many NEW USES For OLD FORDS (Mar, 1930)


Extraordinary uses ior the aged motor will make it useful over an indeterminate period.

Here is a farm power plant made from an old Model T Ford automobile. It operates a belt line and shaft for grinding feed, elevating corn and grain, cutting ensilage. It is also rigged up to operate a grindstone and emery wheel tool sharpeners. Such a power plant is of inestimable value on the farm as it can be adapted for a variety of uses.

make a “SHADDAP” (May, 1954)

Muting the TV used to be a bit trickier.

make a “SHADDAP”

By Robert Hertzberg

ARE some of those long-winded commercials spoiling your TV pleasure? You can cut them off temporarily, without getting up from your chair, by means of a simple gadget you can assemble and install in twenty minutes.

Transparent Wrappers for Packages Can Be Home-Made (Jan, 1930)

Transparent Wrappers for Packages Can Be Home-Made
THIN, transparent, waterproof wrappers for covering packages intended for gifts may be easily and cheaply made at home, giving a truly cosmopolitan appearance to gifts. A thin, liquid celluloid is made by dissolving strips of clear celluloid in either ether and alcohol or amyl acetate. Coloring matter may be added at this stage if desired to increase its attractiveness.

Fun With Matches (Apr, 1936)

Fun With Matches

ON dreary evenings, much amusement may be had by manipulating match sticks, splitting them with a piece of razor blade or a sharp knife, or combining several sticks and gluing them together. The addition of little pieces of paper, colored and pasted to the match sticks, will aid in carrying out the desired effect.

Music From Nowhere (Jun, 1960)

electronic’s strangest music maker

Music From Nowhere

By James Joseph

The theremin—is it “electronics gone haywire?’1 Picking music from air isn’t as easy as it looks.

MAYBE you were among the hundreds of TV skeptics who, doubting their own eyes, recently flooded a network’s switchboard with angry complaints about what appeared to be a man coaxing music out of thin air.

He Does The Job Painters Hate (Jan, 1956)

He Does The Job Painters Hate

Got a paint brush so hard that you can drive nails with it?
Then you’re the kind of guy who keeps the Paint Brush Laundry busy.

By Benn Ollman

THE Paint Brush Laundry, a unique four-year-old Milwaukee institution, has a slogan—”We Do the Painter’s. Dirty Work”—that carries a potent appeal to a constantly increasing number of home owners, do-it-yourselfers and painting contractors.