Toboggans on Pine Needles (Sep, 1931)

Toboggans on Pine Needles

THOSE who have wandered in the woods know how difficult it is to walk up a slope covered with pine-needles. Some have even slid down such slopes, when young, on a barrel stave, which was lots of fun. Just such an idea is embodied in this “Pine Needle” toboggan slide. It makes use of a smooth bottomed sled, an artificial slide covered with pine-needles and a good slope of land.

BLINKY (Dec, 1962)


Introducing “Blinky” the nite-light blinking bee By WILLIAM H. MINOR

HERE’S a little project that’s sure to keep the youngsters amused for hours and hours. About 9″ from head to tail, this busy balsa “bee” will blink continuously for over a year on one set of batteries. Blinky’s operation is based on two neon-bulb relaxation oscillators, housed in the bee’s hollow body.

CIG-O-MAT (Mar, 1956)

A NOBBY novelty copped this month’s $50 Bright Idea Award. Called the Cig-O-Mat, it’s a miniature cigarette vending machine that looks just like the big jobs that dispense smokes for those who like the puffers. Made of heavy chrome, it is an eyecatching little item for your home or office. It holds nearly two packs of your favorite butts and is sold by Richards Merchandising, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. •

Seek Wealth In These Needed Inventions (Jun, 1934)

Seek Wealth In These Needed Inventions

IT IS gratifying to the Editor of this Department to note the rapidly increasing interest in inventions on the part of the readers of Modern Mechanix and Inventions. The mail recently received proves that many fellows have come to realize that the same effort that they put in on the construction of various gadgets “just for the fun of it” can be used to create some truly novel article.

Fan Builds Stovepipe Telescope (Jul, 1934)

Fan Builds Stovepipe Telescope

USING a section of stovepipe for a tube, Arnold Oswald, Los Angeles amateur astronomer, has constructed a remarkably efficient reflecting telescope at a surprisingly low construction cost.

The total expense of constructing the stovepipe instrument, including the pipe, lens, reflector, tripod, counterbalance and other accessories, was slightly more than ten dollars, according to its builder.

Enter this Workshop Contest! $150 IN CASH PRIZES (Dec, 1933)

Enter this Workshop Contest! $150 IN CASH PRIZES

ALL aboard! There is still time for you to get your entry in on the novel contest announced in last month’s Modern Mechanix and Inventions! For the benefit of those who missed the first announcement we repeat: We are looking for the most practical and at the same time the most novel cigarette holder we can get so that plans can be run in the magazine.

Four Novel Toys You Can Make With Rubber Balloons (Aug, 1931)

Four Novel Toys You Can Make With Rubber Balloons

These drawings show the construction of four novel toys made from circus balloons that will prove highly fascinating. Fill the balloon with hydrogen and attach to it a postcard bearing your name, and a request to return it from whatever point it falls to earth.

Hair Drier Blast from Vacuum Cleaner (Jan, 1933)

Hair Drier Blast from Vacuum Cleaner

FOR a cost of less than $1.00, a very satisfactory hair-drying attachment may be constructed for use in the home. Results obtained from the device are very commendable and entirely worth he cost and effort of construction.



MAKING plastic rings is an interesting, inexpensive hobby requiring little skill and the use of only a few household tools. Ideal for making these striking rings is Catalin, a trade-marked resin commonly used in the manufacture of trinkets and other novelties. Catalin comes in a multitude of colors, sizes and shapes and may be procured from any hobby store.

Simple Tricks for April Fool Jokesters (Apr, 1932)

Simple Tricks for April Fool Jokesters

Anything in the way of a joke is excusable on April Fool’s day, but your tricks have to be original if they are to bring a laugh. The main thing is to take your unsuspecting victim by surprise, and for that these simple stunts sure fill the bill. Not only will they do duty on April first, but they will also liven up any party when things get dull.