From Ten Parts You Can Build Twenty Model Planes (Aug, 1931)

From Ten Parts You Can Build Twenty Model Planes


THIS single-stick airplane model of ten simple parts is so designed that it can be converted into twenty different types of flying models. It opens new fields for the model enthusiast to conquer. Through building it, the beginner can master a variety of construction methods while actually expending the time and material necessary to make only one model; and the expert can adapt the principles for use on any pet model of his own. To the best of the writer’s knowledge, the model is the first of its type.

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue (Jan, 1933)

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue

FOR the person who desires to earn extra income in spare moments, these swinging-arm dolls will bring in some welcome revenue. The originator used three patterns, a sailor and the “Dutch Twins,” which proved very popular when put on display along a main highway.

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity (Jan, 1933)

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity

IF YOU are an ambitious home shop fan, desirous of turning bits of time and materials into cash, this grooved puzzle will fill the bill. It consists of a disc of wood with three grooves of varying diameters, and a center compartment. Somewhere in these recesses are three 5/16″ steel balls.

HOBBY PARADE (Mar, 1950)


Profitable Hobbies will pay $2 for each article accepted for Hobby Parade. Send material to Hobby Parade Editor, Profitable Hobbies, 24th and Burlington, Kansas City 16, Missouri. No contributions to this department can be returned.

Mirror Box Multiplies Images (Jan, 1932)

Mirror Box Multiplies Images

ANY boy can build one of these mirror-scopes at a small expense, and for his efforts see, when looking through the peephole, three miniature objects increase to a multitude.

Here is the way it is done. Construct a wooden box about two feet long and five or six inches square.

He Found Comfort in Copper (Mar, 1950)

I have about a half dozen issues of this magazine and most of the articles are like this. I’m pretty sure around 1958 they changed the title to “Profiles in Sadness”.

He Found Comfort in Copper

Photographs by Erika from European

JOHN S. KREUTZER of Brooklyn, New York, has found an exciting and creative hobby to fill the lonely hours of his now solitary life.

The 70-year-old naturalized American, who came to the United States in 1905 from a part of Hungary, which is now Czechoslovakia, has worked as a tool and die maker for the greater part of his life.

Rowing Machine for the Whole Family (Jan, 1932)

Rowing Machine for the Whole Family

A ROWING machine is an especially efficient exerciser since it brings nearly all the muscles of the body into play. Moreover it provides very agreeable recreation.

Here is a home-made job that can be used by all members of the family and is designed for extreme simplicity of construction. No machine work whatever is required, and besides the wood for the framework nothing is needed beyond an old roller skate, a pair of stiff coil tension springs and two angle irons.

Make Your Own HOLSTER For ANY Pistol (Mar, 1963)

Make Your Own HOLSTER For ANY Pistol


This marvelous book, written and illustrated by Al Stohlman, one of the world’s foremost leather craftsmen, is the bible of holster making. Actual patterns and forms for snug belt holsters, fast draw holsters, shoulder holsters. Actually shows you. step by step, how to make holsters for unusual handguns, as well as the popular models. ORDER Your Copy of “HOLSTER BOOK” TODAY!

You Can Have Lots of Fun Making These New Toys (Oct, 1939)

You Can Have Lots of Fun Making These New Toys

HOW many toys are you going to make for Christmas this year? A lot of them, we hope, because no home workshop activity gives greater satisfaction and pleasure. There is something imaginative and colorful about toys that sets them apart from ordinary shop projects. Then, too, there is the added joy of being able to give each toy to some child and share in his happiness.



That’s exactly what Julium Kovack does with his amazing new formula.

AFTER ten years of painstaking research Florida jewelry-maker Julium Kovack appears to have stumbled upon a method for preserving fish and game by means of three simple chemical injections that petrify the specimen.