VTO – Build a flying model of the most revolutionary of all aircraft — a plane that takes off vertically. (Nov, 1955)

The only prototype to fly is at the Florida Air Museum, Lakeland, FL.  Because the intended engine never arrived the plane never actually took off or landed vertically.  Takeoffs and landings were accomplished by attaching wheels for conventional takeoffs and landings although a few transitions were made in flight as well as one instance of bringing it to a hover.

VTO – Build a flying model of the most revolutionary of all aircraft — a plane that takes off vertically.

SOME ten years ago, the United States – Navy initiated a development program for a vertical take-off type of plane. Two aircraft of this new species were built, one by the Convair (Consolidated Vultee) designated XFY-1. The other, built by Lockheed Aircraft is designated XFV-1. A model of the latter is the one we are going to build. These planes are not helicopters or convertiplanes. However, they have attributes of both in their flight patterns.

BIKE for TWO (May, 1950)


A comfortable tandem seat convenient for small “back seat drivers” can be attached to the luggage rack of your bicycle. The seat, which will be welcomed by every kid you know, is made of three layers. The first, which rests directly on the rack, is a piece of 1/4 in. felt padding.

Collapsible Fruit Bowl (Aug, 1945)

Collapsible Fruit Bowl

Cut this fruit bowl and standi, using only a jig saw and screwdriver.

THE home craftsman who is looking for something novel will find this fruit bowl just the thing.

The bowl is laid out on a piece of wood 12″x16″x5/8″ and may be oak or maple or any piece of softer wood which may be available.

Making Your Own 4th of July Fun (Jul, 1931)

Making Your Own 4th of July Fun

by Dale Van Horn

The big idea of July Fourth seems to be to make more noise in the day time and more brilliance at night than the other fellow. But if everybody buys from the same store, it’s only a matter of who has the fattest purse. This article tells you how you can have more fun than your neighbor at lower cost, by making your own fireworks.

make your own BUBBLE COMPOUND (May, 1950)

Glim was a brand of dish washing soap

make your own BUBBLE COMPOUND

WITH a startling new formula worked out particularly for MI readers, you can produce rainbow-colored bubbles that last longer and are more brilliant than the old-fashioned kind made with a soap base. In addition to the natural rainbow coloring, it is practical to add luminous powder to the new formula so that the bubbles will glow when produced in the dark.




A quaint turnstile for a country garden fence.


FOR landscaping beauty add a turnstile along that garden path, patio entrance, or in the fence which separates the front from the back yard. They are different and handy.

For the cottage by the sea or lakeshore, the turnstile with a nautical design is just the thing. A 4″x4″ post approximately 5′ long is set 2′ into the ground in cement; then two 2″x4″ boards, each as long as you wish your gate to be wide, are fastened together at the middle with a cross-lap joint.

Small Fry’s Play Stools (May, 1950)

Small Fry’s Play Stools

PLAY stools will keep children off drafty floors and are practical additions to any nursery. Here are two novel, colorful and sturdy units anyone can build.

The main parts must first be enlarged by laying out the contours on paper which has been ruled into 1 in. squares. The drawings are then transferred to wood 3/4 in. thick and the pieces cut out with a jigsaw.

NOVEL THREAD RACK DEPICTS Little Miss Muffet (Apr, 1939)


BECAUSE of its appeal to childhood memories, this “Little Miss Muffet” thread rack is a gift novelty of a unique and attractive type. The shelf, Miss Muffet, and her bowl are cut from plywood. The web consists of a center block bored to take twelve small sticks of varying lengths, around which some metallic gift-wrapping cord is wound.



Fred Perry, Pittsburgh. Pa., hobbyist, has spent years making this working model of an early 1900 Pennsylvania oil field which stands on a platform in his garage.

Miniature powerhouse supplies jack pumps with power to bring oil from wells to nearby tanks. Pipelines then carry it to the storage tanks.

Here Perry tightens bolt on tiny jack pump with one of the special tools he had to make himself in order to assemble and maintain his oil field.

Extra Cigarettes (Aug, 1945)

Alas this wouldn’t work nearly as well with filter cigarettes.

Extra Cigarettes

INSTEAD of discarding those butts save them. You can make one extra cigarette out of every three, or nine from a whole pack! After cleaning ashtray (1) trim off burned ends of butts (2) and place three in a single sheet of cigarette paper (3). Roll as you would a roll-your-own (4). Photo No. 5 shows the saving from one pack—almost 50% extra smokes plus one final butt left over. It’s all right to throw this one away if you want to. This system doesn’t require the skill needed for conventional hand rolling.