Toys and Games
SKY RIDES (Jan, 1934)


The Outstanding Electric Toy of the Year Our monorail railways are fascinating and educational. Your wishes can be satisfied in everyway as we make all parts standard so that you can purchase a complete set as low as $8.85 and add equipment to it as you desire.

MIdge-Mobile (Jan, 1952)


Rig this roadster to an automatic reel that permits continuous rotary action.

By Wesley Pickard

WATCHING Junior spin around in his own motor-driven speedster is a thrill you won’t want to pass up. Powered by a 1/3-hp motor, the car is perfectly-safe in operation, and may be wired for driving in one of several ways. The simplest, of course, is merely to attach a long cord (about 60 ft.) to the motor, connecting it to the outlet nearest to your lawn.

Building Play Lot Equipment For The Kiddies Enjoyment (Jun, 1937)

Building Play Lot Equipment For The Kiddies Enjoyment

These playground projects solve the problem of keeping small children away from dangers of busy streets.

by Hi Sibley

KEEPING children off dangerous streets during the summer vacation months is a difficult task unless some means can be devised whereby their attentions are centered on the home or its surroundings. One way to accomplish this is through the construction of a backyard play lot, but even then you cannot expect to hold the children’s interest with merely a sandbox and a few toys. Slides and swings are part of the equipment necessary and need no explanation as to their construction.


Here are the rules of the game, although it’s called Chess-Battle. There was already an existing chess variant called Double Chess (exactly what it sounds like) that had been invented in 1916.


“Airplanes” replace queens and “general staffs” play the part of kings in a new pastime known as “double chess.” Devised by a Russian inventor, A. C. Yurgelevich, the game is gaining popularity in that country. It is derived from chess, but the rules and strategy have been modified.

Smiling Dan The High-Diving Man (Apr, 1940)

Smiling Dan The High-Diving Man

CAN you manipulate Diving Dan so that he will hit directly in the center of the tub when he does his spectacular high dive? There is fun for youngsters and amusement even for oldsters in this novel toy, which requires skill to operate with the greatest degree of success.

Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too (Dec, 1950)

When I first looked at the doll on the second page I thought that the basket was actually inside her chest cavity, which at least made the article seem a little grotesque. Alas, it is simply a 10 page article about collecting dolls. Please try to contain your excitement.

Dolls Delight Grown-ups, Too

LUCY CUNNINGHAM Photographs by Jacoby’s Photo Service and I. Cunningham

“Whether you have one doll or a hundred, whether you buy for yourself or for others, no matter how you do it— doll collecting is fun,” says Lucy Cunningham.

Make Christmas Gifts in Your Home Workshop (Jan, 1933)

If the other gifts were interesting and I posted them, you can find them on the page for this issue.

Make Christmas Gifts in Your Home Workshop

THIS year more than ever before, when pockets don’t contain so many pennies for Santa Glaus, the project of building Christmas presents in the home workshop carries a special appeal. On these pages two interesting gift ideas are presented, and your attention is also called to articles on pages 95, 102, 113, 122, 129, 130 and 137 of this issue, which present a variety of ideas suitable to every type of audience.

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue (Jan, 1933)

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue

FOR the person who desires to earn extra income in spare moments, these swinging-arm dolls will bring in some welcome revenue. The originator used three patterns, a sailor and the “Dutch Twins,” which proved very popular when put on display along a main highway.

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity (Jan, 1933)

New PUZZLE TRICK Taxes Dexterity

IF YOU are an ambitious home shop fan, desirous of turning bits of time and materials into cash, this grooved puzzle will fill the bill. It consists of a disc of wood with three grooves of varying diameters, and a center compartment. Somewhere in these recesses are three 5/16″ steel balls.




A Collectors Item!

A scale-model car that will bring exciting joy to any child (and grownups, too). It is packed with fun and instructive play—Just put it in gear and away it goes—in low, second, high — touch it and it goes in reverse.