Toys and Games
Toy Firemen Make Lawn Sprinkling Play (Nov, 1933)

Toy Firemen Make Lawn Sprinkling Play

JACKIE gets a shower and keeps the lawn sprinkled with a miniature pumping fire cart his father, B. A. Clark, of Minneapolis, built for him.

Two firemen that actually work a pump on the sprinkler keep Jackie amused while taking care of his father’s lawn. The fire department sprinkler was built on an ordinary coaster wagon. It pulls the garden hose along wherever Jackie takes it.

The stream of water operates a device that moves the two miniature figures working the pump. A fire chief stands before them, watching their work. Mr. Clark reports he did not have to bother about watering the lawn or keeping Jackie cool after he built the toy fire cart.

Soviet Tots Try Parachutes (Oct, 1937)

Soviet Tots Try Parachutes

AIR-MINDED Soviet children are provided with the thrills of parachute jumping through use of special towers erected in many city parks. Equipped with small parachutes, the youngsters slide down a chute atop the 14-foot towers and settle slowly to the ground. Metal guide rings keep the parachutes open.

A Seesaw Merry-Go-Round (May, 1924)

A Seesaw Merry-Go-Round


A LOT of fun can be had with the teeter-totter merry-go-round shown in the illustration, and any boy can make it who is at all handy with carpentry tools. If built substantially it will amuse the youngsters, big and little, for years. It will go up and down like a seesaw and spin around like a top until the passengers are dizzy.

Two-Wheel Skate (Feb, 1954)

Two-Wheel Skate
Roller skates with only two wheels provide some of the thrills of ice skating the year ’round. The two large wheels are center-mounted and are made of plastic-rubber. The skate is adjustable in length and has a cushioned ankle strap.

Harmless Steam Cannon Shoots Ball Bearings (Oct, 1936)

Harmless Steam Cannon Shoots Ball Bearings

THIS tiny steam cannon operating in much the same manner as Archimedes famous cannon will prove an interesting project for the workshop. The cannon works in a very realistic manner simply by heating 3/8-inch steel bearings until they are red hot then dropping into the barrel of the cannon in which a small quantity of water has been poured. The hot bearing striking the water converts it into steam which immediately expands and shoots the bearing out of the cannon.

Model Tank Packs a Wallop (Nov, 1947)

This looks like a really nice toy.

Model Tank Packs a Wallop

EQUIPPED with four electric motors, this control-line tank brings a remarkable note of realism to living-room war games in the home of Alfred J. Brosseau, of Cambridge, Mass., who spent a year and a half building it. Measuring 6″ by 12″, the model can imitate any action of its big brothers.

Boy’s Midget Tractor Is Just Like His Dad’s (Nov, 1940)

Boy’s Midget Tractor Is Just Like His Dad’s

While Marcus Ming, Sr., a Mississippi county-road super-intendent is towing heavy machinery with his huge track-type tractor, Marcus, Jr., is usually at home towing his playmates’ wagons here and there with his own 1-1/2-horsepower working model of his dad’s juggernaut. Father, son, and machines are below.

Child Size Blocks Make Bridges (Oct, 1933)

Forget the kids, I want a set of these!

Child Size Blocks Make Bridges

RECENTLY brought on the market by a California woodworking company is a set of child-size building blocks which can be used outdoors to make doll houses, child-size bridges, railways and other childishly imaginative structures. The set consists of blocks about four by six inches which are used in conjunction with flat boards that dovetail in proper relation to each other so that every imaginable kind of furniture and dwelling can be erected. No fastenings other than the lock joints are used. Picture below illustrates what can be done in the way of building bridges.

The Mysterious Submarine (Dec, 1924)

The Mysterious Submarine


THE interesting little toy described in this article will, when placed in water, automatically dive and come to the surface again, repeating this performance, on an average, once a minute over a long period of time. It not only makes a very good toy for a boy but can be used also for advertising purposes. Placed in a glass tank and displayed in a show window, its actions will attract the attention and interest of passers-by, who will stop to wonder how it operates.

Child’s Scooter Folds Compactly for Storage (Nov, 1938)

Child’s Scooter Folds Compactly for Storage

Coasters and scooters often take up more space than the average apartment dweller is willing to sacrifice. Here is one that can be reduced to a small bulk in a jiffy so that it can be stored from one season to the next or squeezed into a small corner when not in use. The small hinge on the base is mounted so that it will fold back on itself, while the one on the upright should have the pin knocked out and a long slender bolt with a thumb screw substituted for easy dismantling. If the half of the large hinge which is screwed to the base is bent up slightly, the upright board will lie flat when the brace board is removed.