Toys and Games

A can opener and some straps are all that are required to turn empty coffee cans into toys. A drum is made by cutting two slots in the side of a can to take a neck band, as shown. The lid is secured with a drop or two of solder. The clackers or can-walkers are prepared by making two slots diametrically opposed in the bottom of a can to receive the strap for the foot.

The loose or false rims inside the modern type of coffee can are easily removed and make excellent toy embroidery hoops
without alteration.—D. A. Butler.

BOWLING Succumbs to Miniature Craze (Feb, 1932)

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BOWLING Succumbs to Miniature Craze

THERE has recently been developed a new game which combines the principles of putting and bowling. The alley, which is constructed of reinforced fibre-hide board, is six feet long and 13 inches wide. With the folding backstop, the game weighs only 12-1/2 pounds.

Another bowling game is played on a table with marbles instead of bowling balls. Although designed as a game for the whole family, it will no doubt be monopolized by small boys of all ages.

“Kurv-A-Shot” is the name of still another game recently invented in which only marbles and a specially designed playing board are needed. The trick is to gauge the speed so that the marble will drop into the desired hole.

The holes on the spiral ramp are numbered from five to twenty-five and the low score wins the game.

Helicopter Is Target in Shooting Game (Jul, 1940)

Helicopter Is Target in Shooting Game

With rubber bands for ammunition and a spinning toy helicopter for a target, a new parlor shooting game provides both excitement and training in marksmanship. The pistol is capable of shooting six rubber bands in quick succession. The first is fired at the bullseye of a target. A hit trips a me`chanism which sends the helicopter spinning into the air as a flying target for the remaining shots in the rubber-band six-shooter. The gun is loaded as shown below.

TOPS from the TOY SHOPS (Dec, 1952)


SANTA CLAUS may be getting ready for the hard job ahead, but it’s a cinch he’ll need a boost from the family pocketbook, to even come close to satisfying the youngsters’ hunger for toys that are new and different. American toy designers seem to have outdone themselves this year in an effort to make the job of finding the right thing for young Johnny or Suzy an easy one. In fact, from the hundreds of toys now available, we had a hard job picking a selection to show you here. There were so many good-looking, fascinating, educational (the-kind-with-the-fun-still-left-in-them) toys that we hated to leave any out. The Toy Guidance Council recommends most of these.



Make if REALLY USEFUL and LOTS OF FUN for him

Boys from five to twelve safely run and enjoy a motorized wagon. Learn many lessons they can use later. Entire cost only $18.70, If you now have wagon and motor. Any small gas engine is suitable. Price includes all pulleys, belts, shafts, and instant clutch. We have new wagons and motors available. WAGON CAN BE CONVERTED IN LESS THAN AN HOUR.

With a small ELECTRIC motor, wagon makes enjoyable and never failing entertainment in the recreation room. Can be safely operated by a four year old.


Youngsters may construct real playhouses and full-size, serviceable pieces of furniture with a set of giant building blocks introduced by a California toy manufacturer. Made of wood, the blocks include cubes and flat rails in a variety of sizes. A clever dovetail interlocking system makes it possible to assemble them securely without nails, screws, or glue. Whenever the fancy strikes the young architects, they can build a different structure.


I would be more worried about someone stealing my cheetah than my car. Of course I’d be much more worried about my cheetah stealing some some curious child’s arm.


A Modern Lilliput That Has No Lilliputians, Being an Uninhabited Miniature Village Constructed by the Children of a Denver Man near His Summer Home in the Rocky Mountains: The Church Has Spires Three Feet High. To the Right Is an Electrically Lighted Brick Block in the Village

South Pasadena, California, Is Proud of Possessing What Is Doubtless the Youngest Band in the World. Including the Bandmaster, Seen in the Foreground, Each of the 60 Members of the Band Is Seven Years Young or Younger. All Are First and Second-Grade Pupils of the Local Public Schools, Where They were Trained. Left: Close-Up of Three of the Musicians

METAL TOYS are here again (Apr, 1946)

METAL TOYS are here again

PARENTS of toy-age children will welcome back the sturdy metal playthings for which wartime toys were a poor substitute. Boy-proof tricycles, of new design and material, are coming; and improved models of play sewing machines and steam engines. Toy-makers figure on a 30-percent higher output this year to stop the cries of the 5,000,000 more children in the market for the latest thing in bomb-scooters.

It’s Fun to Play This Indoor Football Game (Feb, 1941)

Well they certainly look like they’re having the time of their lives.

It’s Fun to Play This Indoor Football Game

Played by two to six persons, this game provides endless fun for members of your family or your party guests. The object of the game is to drive a table-tennis ball into one of the two goal baskets at opposite ends of the box. This is done by hitting the ball with wooden paddles attached to dowel rods, which are turned and pushed back and forth by hand. There are eight rods; the two center ones have four paddles each, the next two toward each goal have three each, while the next pair have two paddles each and the last two next to the goals have only one paddle each.

Youngster Gets “Wings” at Age of Four (Mar, 1938)

If my father had really loved me, he would have made me one of these.

Youngster Gets “Wings” at Age of Four

Valid until December 31, 2000, a novel airplane license recently issued by Australian air authorities entitles four-year-old Eric Morris to operate his homemade “flying flea,” shown in the photograph below. The diminutive craft, modeled after a French plane, is fitted with a gasoline engine of one and a half horsepower that allows the young pilot to taxi it along the ground as fast as twelve miles an hour.