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Fight Artillery Duels in Fascinating War Games (Dec, 1932)

Fight Artillery Duels in Fascinating War Games


You fight real, deadly battles on a small scale in these fascinating war games, which have all the strategic elements of nation-against-nation campaign. Exploding battleships, forts and tanks and an accurate long – range mortar compose your fighting forces, built as described in this article.

MANY of us have been fascinated by photographs or moving pictures of huge artillery pieces sending their shells screaming up into the air on their way toward a target perhaps out of sight beyond the horizon. The gunners usually do not see the target, but fire in a certain direction and at a certain elevation from data furnished to them.

The toy mortar shown in the photographs and drawings will shoot small soft clay balls in the same manner as the big guns and with surprising accuracy. It can be used as the basis of some interesting games that will attract many of the older folks in addition to the youngsters. Easily constructed targets which explode (mechanically speaking) when hit, a moving target and others are also part of the equipment described.


I would have killed for one of these when I was a kid.


The model C SKY RIDE ……………………………………………. $7.95
Includes two towers 25″ high, one illuminated car with automatic controlled motor to stop and start oar at towers, two 32″ rails to make span of 64″ between towers. Beautifully finished in attractive enamel color.

The model B SKY RIDE ………………………. $14.50
Same as above with two cars, each motorized with automatic control and remote control for each car. Four sections 32″ rail to make double span between towers of 64″.

The model A SKY RIDE ………………………. $19.75

This is the model pictured with searchlights atop the towers. The towers are 32″ high. The cars are finished in aluminum and have automatic control to stop and start them at towers. The cars are illuminated and a remote control switch is included to control the cars by hand.
All sets operate on 6-8 V A.C. or D.C. current. Extra 32″ sections rail to increase span between towers to 96″ or 128″. Rail……..$1.00 per section.

We make a complete line of monorail toy railways as pictured at right. Priced at $8.85. $12.50, $20.00 and up.
For complete descriptive literature send ten cents in coin to:

Aero Monorail Company, Dept. S 2,
2712 Big Bend Blvd., Saint Louis, Mo.

Boys Build “Pumpmobile” (Mar, 1938)

Boys Build “Pumpmobile”
TWO young inventors in Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., combined their resources, consisting of half of a bicycle and a four-wheeled coaster wagon, to produce a novel vehicle which they call a “pumpmobile.” The fork of the bicycle was mounted on the rear of the coaster wagon, locomotion for the combination vehicle being secured by pedaling the bike’s one wheel.

I’ll help you get a Daisy for Christmas – Red Ryder (Dec, 1940)

This is a great ad. Kids who really want a BB gun for christmas write in and Red Ryder will send them little “this is what you should get me for christmas” reminder cards. Then they just hide them all over the house where their parents are sure to find them.

I also really like the line “If you HAVE money now (or can get it) buy your Daisy NOW”. You know how you can get it. Mr Jones down the street said he’d give you a shiny nickel everytime you sat on his lap. A small price to pay for a brand new Red Ryder Golden Banded 1000-Shot Saddle Carbine isnt it?

I’ll help you get a Daisy for Christmas – Red Ryder

The new Golden Banded 1000-Shot Red Ryder Saddle Carbine

BOYS! Send coupon to Red Ryder for your FREE Christmas Reminder Kit, enclosing 3c stamp, please, to help cover our handling-postage cost. Kit contains printed “messages” to be signed by you, pictures of all Daisy Air Rifles, complete directions. It’s FUN to use! Put “Reminders” under milk bottles, in mail-box, on Dad’s easy chair. They’ll HELP you get a Daisy for Christmas.

If you HAVE money now (or can get it) buy your Daisy NOW. IF your Dealer hasn’t it, or no Dealer is near you, send us the price of your favorite Daisy in cash or Money Order and we’ll mail it POSTPAID. (Duty added in Canada.) Or—rush coupon, 3c stamp, for Christmas Reminder Kit.

Neighborhood Streamliner (Jun, 1950)

Neighborhood Streamliner
Father – and – son combination, Leon H. Shay and Leon R. Shay of Freeport, 111., the elder a Popular Mechanics reader “for more than 25 years,” built this streamliner with a six-horsepower engine to carry the neighborhood youngsters, as many as 32 at a time, around a 300-foot loop track. It can travel from one to 45 miles an hour and is usually piloted by Shay’s two granddaughters, aged 4 and 7. “We are hoping to take care of all the kids around here this summer,” writes Mr. Shay.

Marionettes Go Hollywood (Oct, 1937)

Marionettes Go Hollywood


MARIONETTES in the guise of chorus girls and movie stars dance and strut before a starlit background in one of the most novel scenes ever devised and filmed in Hollywood. Cleverly carved and costumed by skilled craftsmen working under the direction of Russell Patterson, famous artist, the puppet entertainers were accompanied in their marionette musical comedy by a curious symphony orchestra made up of weird animated instruments that played themselves.

Most of the dummy performers, which are featured in the recently completed film “Artists and Models,” are about three feet high, with bodies shaped from sponge rubber and hinged moving parts carefully carved from wood. Each marionette was operated by a maze of invisible strings manipulated by groups of operators working out of the camera’s range on platforms built above the stage.

Pint-Size Tractor Has Gas Engine (Sep, 1948)

This looks damn fun. Also I love the fact that it uses a washing machine engine. I want a gas powered washer!

Pint-Size Tractor Has Gas Engine

Driving his own gasoline-engine tractor, three-year-old Gus Dobert of Nashville, Tenn., is the envy of youngsters of his neighborhood. Made by his father, a machinist, the small tractor has a two-cycle washing-machine engine. Power is transmitted by a V-belt and sprocket chain. The gear ratio insures lots of power but little speed. The clutch pedal tightens the belt on the pulleys.

Build a Toy World from Spools and Scraps of Wood (Jan, 1932)

Build a Toy World from Spools and Scraps of Wood

WITH some pieces of soft wood like pine, a collection of spools, a few sharp tools and a little ingenuity, you can make an endless variety of toys; in fact, create a whole toy world that will provide you with considerable enjoyment. The accompanying drawings give plans which are self-explanatory, but you can go ahead on your own hook and design any number of toys of your own.

All the people of your toy world can be made from spools. A good-sized army can be built up, its strength limited only by the number of spools available. On the opposite page you will find plans for building also the main “engines of war”—a rapid fire gun, a cannon and an airplane. Should you be inclined to beat your swords into plow shares, you can build any number of farm toys, plans for which are shown. Identify the people by painting faces on the spools.

Midget Bus Carries Nine Children (Oct, 1935)

Midget Bus Carries Nine Children

A HIP high miniature bus which seats nine juvenile passengers and the driver has made its appearance on the streets of St. Paul, Minn. Four storage batteries mounted under the hood operate headlights and furnish the power for the two motors which run the bus.

It was built at a cost of $350 by L. F. Wright, St. Paul garage operator. Fashioned after the commercial type bus, the midget vehicle can attain a speed of 18 miles per hour.

Neighborhood children find that the bus provides all the thrills of a larger car without endangering the lives of the passengers. Mr. Wright designed the bus after building several midget racing cars.


for bikes made by the Sinko Mfg. and Tool Co., Chicago sells for $1.89. As bike moves, air enters intake, deflects small fan blade on a spring-mounted needle.