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How JIG-SAW PUZZLES Are Made by the Million (Apr, 1933)

How JIG-SAW PUZZLES Are Made by the Million

PUTTING jig-saw puzzles together is the latest craze to sweep over America. It has replaced the cross-word puzzle, the Tom Thumb golf course, and in many places has ousted contract- bridge. On this page are photos showing the steps in the manufacture of the millions of jigsaw puzzles sold each week.

Junior at the Wheel (Jan, 1948)

Junior at the Wheel
Many a parent has wished for something to keep Junior occupied during long drives. With this toy steering wheel, daddy can concentrate on the road ahead while young “hopeful makes believe he too is driving. Made of hard rubber, the mock wheel is attached to the dashboard by a suction cup. It even has a horn that works.

Kiddies Taught Traffic Laws (Feb, 1938)

Kiddies Taught Traffic Laws
A MINIATURE roadway complete with signs, stop-and-go lights, crossings and safety zones is being used to teach pedestrian and auto traffic regulations to school children in Brentwood, England. The lessons are made interesting for the tots by letting them drive miniature autos over the “highway,” impersonate policemen, etc.

Baby Fire Truck (Jan, 1952)

Baby Fire Truck might be just the thing for baby fires. It is powered by a small gasoline engine and is equipped with a siren that can wail almost as loudly as its big brothers. Truck’s sides are ladders,. Driver is Milton Bunker of Escabana, Mich.

Game Is Played with Live Beetles (Oct, 1937)

Game Is Played with Live Beetles

Live beetles scamper across the playing board of a new game devised by a Pasadena, Calif., inventor. At the start, the beetles are released from a corral in the center of the board, which is surrounded by a three-inch transparent fence. Four cages in the form of celluloid cylinders are raised or lowered by players who operate levers under the table. Scoring is based on the number of beetles trapped in the cylinder by each of the players.

Runners Convert Wagon (Dec, 1947)

Runners Convert Wagon

Four small wheel runners quickly convert this child’s wagon into a steerable sled for use in winter. Patented by Emil Lersch, of Pensacola, Fla., the ski-like, turned-up metal runners are each clamped firmly to a wheel of the wagon by a pair of side plates shaped to conform closely to the wheel’s contours. In addition, angled braces between the runners and the axles provide lateral stability.

This Sidewalk Runabout is Easy to Build (May, 1938)

This Sidewalk Runabout is Easy to Build

By Hi Sibley

THERE is one definite rule to follow in making a sidewalk automobile—get your engine first and build the car around it. This applies pretty much to the wheels, too.

A half-horsepower, two-cycle washing machine engine is available in nearly all sections of the country, and as these can be had second-hand at a reasonable price and have sufficient power for moderate speeds, they make satisfactory installations. Herewith are working drawings of the little car owned by Richard Weber, of San Marino, California, which is driven by this type of motor and has proved successful for a long period. It is very easy to build.

Four Novel Toys You Can Make With Rubber Balloons (Jan, 1932)

Four Novel Toys You Can Make With Rubber Balloons

These drawings show the construction of four novel toys made from circus balloons that will prove highly fascinating. Fill the balloon with hydrogen and attach to it a postcard bearing your name, and a request to return it from whatever point it falls to earth. Thus you can learn in what direction and how far it travels. Another balloon, equipped with a gondola will float in the air like a wartime captive dirigible. The aerial torpedo which zips up through the air is made by affixing fins to an air-filled balloon. The unique air boat cuts through the water under power of air exhaust from blown up balloon.

Skaters’ pusher: all play, no work (Feb, 1965)

Skaters’ pusher: all play, no work

The rear skater in the quintet at right furnishes locomotion —the others just go along for the ride.

Strapped to his back is a homemade air propeller powered by a lawn-mower motor. The blade of the pusher fan whirls in a protective wire frame.

Introduced on Como Lake, St. Paul, Minn., it can do 30 m.p.h.— without extra riders.

buckboard’n buggy (Dec, 1958)

buckboard’n buggy

IT’S EASY TO BUILD IT YOURSELF for your son’s Christmas

Our detailed plans make it easy to assemble in a few hours. Drives like a real car. Push it … or add power (your old lawn mower motor or any gasoline motor up to 2-1/2 hp.) Strong wood chassis, steel undercarriage, 10″ rubber wheels. Full 66″ long, 17″ wide, enameled orange and black. Holds up to 175 lb. driver.

DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT …………………………..$64.50
Includes everything, painted, drilled, ready to assemble. Drive wheel, clutch, steering wheel, etc.
Complete, assembled ready to run
(no motor)…………………………………….$74.50
Complete with 2 hp Clinton motor ……….$129.50