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Christmas Suggestions (Dec, 1936)

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Christmas Suggestions

For the amateur scientist this Micro-photography outfit is the ideal gift. Permanent records of all experiments can be kept on photographic prints. The microscope and the camera can be used independently.

Cellulose wrappings add much to the appearance of gifts. At right are examples of what attractive wrapping will do. Below—This toy airplane will thrill any youth who receives it. Plane performs like a real ship.

New Christmas Toys Declare All-Out War (Jan, 1942)

New Christmas Toys Declare All-Out War

A GENERATION of mothers and fathers, most of whom were determined a few years ago that they “wouldn’t raise their boys to be soldiers,” find themselves confronted this year with a selection of Christmas toys almost exclusively of a war-like nature. The toy-makers explain that the children demand them—and 5-year-old Billy Navard and Craig Smith, shown on this page, seem to be enjoying their martial playthings immensely. Above, Craig rides a pedal fighter plane and scans the skies for enemy craft. At left, Billy fires a coastal defense gun which shoots wooden bullets, while, below, he speeds over rough terrain in a motorized division’s army supply truck.

Vault Bank (Jul, 1952)

Vault Bank
Save-Master opens automatically, after pre-deter-mined amount has been reached for which the dial has been set. The owner himself sets dial for amount to be saved. It takes nickels, dimes and quarters, is made of metal, and has no key, opening when full. Patterson Distributing Co., 504 W. Second St., Dayton 2. Ohio.

NEW for CHRISTMAS (Dec, 1952)



PLASTIC SHADES of Vinylite adhere directly to glass without adhesive, can be peeled oil easily. Transeal, North Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

REFRIGARRANGERS are light, durable easy-to-clean containers of Bakelite styrene for leftover foods. Valley Forge Creations. Malvern. Pa.

PANCAKE TURNER-GREASER carries a replaceable absorbent pad to grease the pan. Without pad, holes drain grease. Paul Laux. Shavertown. Pa.

STORM WINDOWS of plastic can be used on homes, farmbuildings. withstand all weather. Easy to install. Central States Bag Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Newest thing in pool: elliptical table (Apr, 1964)

Newest thing in pool: elliptical table

Combination billiards and pool is played on this table with an elliptical cushion and a single pocket on one of its two focal points. A ball hit to pass over the other focal point rebounds into the pocket every time. The table was designed by Arthur P. Frigo Jr., Union College senior, and is made by Gotham Educational Equipment, New Rochelle, N.Y. Game is played with nine numbered balls and a cue ball.



$1.00 – 5 for $4.00 BIG ENOUGH FOR 2-3 KIDS!

This huge, western-style cabin is a child’s dream come true.

Size Approx. 3 ft. high—9 ft. square, 23cubic ft. inside. Endless hours of play run. Big: enough for 2-3 kids to ‘Live’ in this cabin of their very own. Constructed of specially treated, safe… flameproof and waterproof DuPont Polyethelene. Use year round, indoors or outdoors. No tools needed, nothing to assemble. Sets up in a jiffy, folds compactly for easy storage. Walls and door are realistically imprinted in authentic brown split-log design. Peaked roof is in contrasting color.

Odd Playground Gate Bars Older Children (Oct, 1937)

Unlike the other attendants, Joe felt that cup-size was a much better indication of age.

Odd Playground Gate Bars Older Children
Cut out of a high, galvanized-iron fence and roughly resembling a keyhole, a silhouette of an average ten-year-old child serves as an entrance gate to a new playground for small children in an eastern city. Only those boys and girls who can pass through the silhouette opening without stooping or squeezing through sidewise are allowed to enter the play area. The photograph above shows a playground instructor halting a girl who is too tall to enter without stooping.

“Human Quoits” Is Amusing New Bathing Beach Game (Sep, 1931)

“Human Quoits” Is Amusing New Bathing Beach Game

YOU have to use your head in this amusing new game of “human quoits” in which padded barrel hoops are tossed at the heads of players buried in the sand, the object being to “ring” them. It’s a game amusing to spectators as well as players, and one in which the human targets get quite a thrill, since, buried in sand as they are, dodging is impossible. If you want to try out this game on your own beach, light weight hoops can be made by winding cotton batting and a covering fabric around a core of light gauge steel wire.

Strange Shapes for Play (Jul, 1962)

This is the kind of equipment lawyers dream of.

Strange Shapes for Play

Unconventional and modern playground equipment has been developed in Ulm, Germany, by architect Joachim Kimpel. A 10-year study of children’s methods and behavior at play by the architect, a gardener and a psychologist led to the redesigning of recreational equipment for climbing, spinning, balancing and swinging.

Dolls Dance to Radio Music (Mar, 1932)

Dolls Dance to Radio Music

FROM Germany comes the latest radio novelty. It is a platform upon which a group of dolls dance to the tune of music issuing from your radio receiver.

The device is a mystery until you understand the dance platform is caused to vibrate by means of a small needle which connects with a headphone, as illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

This headphone is connected up with your radio receiver, so that the same current sounds the music and excites the dancers. The effect of the contrivance is extremely fascinating.