Actor Invents Rubber Movie Masks (Oct, 1938)

All those Arquettes in Hollywood are this guys grandchildren.

Actor Invents Rubber Movie Masks

LIVE rubber masks which J may revolutionize the art of make-up in motion picture horror roles have been developed by Cliff Arquette, radio and screen actor, who is known as the “man of a thousand hobbies.” The inventor says the masks will enable actors to control facial expressions, thus making the artificial faces seem alive. The porous quality of the rubber will permit air to reach the pores of the actor’s

face, eliminating skin diseases.

The Amateur Cameraman (Feb, 1929)

The Amateur Cameraman


AS AN associate member of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers, Mr. Kerst is nationally known as an expert on the technical aspects of movie making. This month he discusses in this department several interesting ways in which the amateur movie maker can secure novel effects with his camera.

Crashing Models for Movie Thrills (Sep, 1930)

Crashing Models for Movie Thrills

by Dick Cole

Miniature models, full-size models, working models of all kinds are used by movie makers to reproduce those startling plane crashes and train wrecks which thrill you on the silver screen.

Dick Cole takes you behind the scenes with the thrill makers and shows you some of the miracles.

Women of the World (Jan, 1964)

Women of the World

As in his previous film Mondo Cane (A Dogs World), Italian film director Gualtiero Jacopetti has put together a film based on scenes taken in various countries in the 5 continents. Though less fascinating than the earlier film, Women of the World does contain a number of scenes of considerable sexological interest.

Ceiling Movies ROUT Fears of Patient (Jul, 1935)

Ceiling Movies ROUT Fears of Patient

A BOSTON dentist has discovered a new sort of “anesthetic,” in the form of motion pictures, which he claims is so effective that patients refuse to leave the chair at the conclusion of their dental work.

Early LCD Projector? – Scanning Method Brings Television Movies (Feb, 1933)

The explanation given sounds roughly like how an LCD works. What do you think the mystery material was that went transparent when current was applied?

Scanning Method Brings Television Movies

THE progress of television has long been retarded by the lack of an efficient light source which could react instantaneously to the fluctuations of incoming radio currents and at the same time be powerful enough to project the image upon a large theatre screen.

New Color Movies Projected Through Tinted Gelatine Shutters (Jan, 1929)

New Color Movies Projected Through Tinted Gelatine Shutters

A NEW natural color process, the O’Grady natural color film process, is soon to be available for 16 mm. films and cameras. This system is based on the Kinemacolor process invented many years ago. Ordinary panchromatic film is used and is exposed through a color wheel having two semi-circular segments, one of red and orange, the other of blue and green.



BRITISH politicians have seized on the talking movie as a novel means of waging their campaigns in the general elections soon to come before the public. The photograph shows a London crowd listening to an open-air movie speech on a street-corner. These exhibitions, of course, are free to the public, and the novel method always succeeds in attracting an audience.

Faking Movies Scenes (Jan, 1929)

Faking Movies Scenes


TRICKS by which the movie director fakes many of his effects are interestingly explained in this article, written by a man who has been a cameraman and who is well versed in the tricks of the trade.

SEEING is believing—unless you happen to see it in the movies! The next time you step into your favorite movie theater to see some million dollar production, don’t stop to marvel at the luxurious palaces and castles which you see on the silver screen, because the chances are a hundred to one that they didn’t exist at all— except as a thin film of paint which fooled the gullible camera lens so completely that the innocent thing didn’t even suspect it was being made fun of!

Movies that Leap From the Screen! (Jan, 1929)

Movies that Leap From the Screen!


A POOR boy from Budapest, who in his early childhood learned about the functions of the human eye in his struggle against defective vision, has invented a system whereby stereoscopic movies may be projected upon the screen and viewed by the audience without the use of the usual visors and colored screens!