Intergalactic Space Control Panel (Dec, 1952)

Intergalactic Space Control Panel

A fascinating, safe, electrical toy for junior space travelers.

By Robert Brightman

“GEE, Bob, when are you ever going to finish that control panel for me?” When your youngster starts off on a tack like this and keeps it up for a few weeks there is only one way to keep peace in the family. And that is to finish the job. The control panel as it is called by my son and all his friends is one of the most fascinating toys a father can make for his boy. Essentially it consists of a six-volt transformer, a series of toggle switches and miscellaneous lights, bells, buzzers and meters.

One-Man Chorus All By Himself! (Jan, 1942)

One-Man Chorus All By Himself!

PROFESSOR F. A. FIRESTONE of the University of Michigan demonstrates a device which gives him ten voices. He places a curved glass tube in his mouth and goes through the motions of singing, while he plays a nova-chord. An electrical field translates his unsung words into the sound of the novachord, and the music comes out sounding like a chorus of ten voices! It’s good for breaking leases.

Three-Dimensional Sound for the Home (Jan, 1942)

Three-Dimensional Sound for the Home
Three-dimensional sound, the effect created for Walt Disney’s film Fantasia, now can be duplicated in the home with a new multi-speaker radio on the market. A portion of the audio output of the chassis in the new set is fed back into the lighting circuit; extra speakers then may be plugged in anywhere on the same meter circuit, to create the Fantasia effect if the speaker is in the same room, or to carry the program to the other rooms in the house without the need for extra wiring.

It’s just part of a fascinating learn-at-home program in electronics from Bell & Howell Schools! (Aug, 1974)

It’s just part of a fascinating learn-at-home program in electronics from Bell & Howell Schools!

If you’re handy with a set of tools, you may already have some of the skills you’ll need to build Bell & Howell’s color TV … the TV with digital features! This program is the perfect way to discover the exciting field of digital electronics … and best of all, you can do it all at home, in your spare time. Get free information now about this first-of-a-kind learn-at-home program prepared for you by skilled instructors at Bell & Howell Schools.

Fold-Away Playhouse (Jul, 1952)

Fold-Away Playhouse

Long-wearing, water-resistant playhouse in cottage or ranch house style can be folded quickly into storable. portable package. It will not crack or peel, can be cleaned with damp cloth. It stands 5-1/2 feet high, and has a roll-up door. The house is made of Vinylite plastic and has wooden frame for holding it extended. Doughboy Industries, Inc., New Richmond. Wis.

Jerrold’s New Universal TV Remote Control (Dec, 1974)

This isn’t so much a remote control as it is a TV tuner. It even looks a bit like the first cable box we had when I was a kid (also made by Jerrold).

Jerrold’s New Universal TV Remote Control

The Hottest New Product Since The Calculator…

* Makes every set on your floor a remote control model.

* Universal— Attaches to any set in minutes.

* Changes channel instantly and fine tunes.

* Turns set on/off.


NEED a blind date for your mother-in-law? Steve Calvert, Hollywood’s gorilla man, is your answer because he’s really handsome when he’s all dressed up in his $1,500 hirsute suit. Actually he makes a nice living using it in horror and jungle movies. And it’s a work of art. Each hair, human and yak, is sewed and tied individually. Gorilla curves are achieved by rubber padding. Hands, feet and face are molded rubber. Wires, levers and rods enable him to make his brows beetle, his lips curl, snarl and talk, and can even make his nostrils dilate when he’s real mad.



By Roger Fuller

PLAY-DOH is that mildly-scented modeling stuff your kid works into demented shapes, then shouts “Daddy! Look!” It comes in colors and your little Leonardo can blend the putty-like dough to his heart’s content. The guy who makes the stuff has kids, too, and they can play with platinum yo-yos now, if Daddy wants them to. Play-Doh was originally a wallpaper cleaner young Joe McVicker inherited, with built-in headaches.

More Christmas Suggestions (Dec, 1936)

Apparently typewriters were the must-have gift that season. They make up three out of 13 suggestions.

More Christmas Suggestions

For the junior scientist what would be more appropriate than this photo electric eye apparatus. Motors can be made to run by waving your arm, burglar alarms installed without wiring and music can be produced from varying light beams.

Any member of the family will appreciate a flashlight. This model features a chrome case and a positive contact thumb switch.

Christmas Suggestions (Dec, 1936)

Also take a look at More Christmas Suggestions from the same issue.

Christmas Suggestions

For the amateur scientist this Micro-photography outfit is the ideal gift. Permanent records of all experiments can be kept on photographic prints. The microscope and the camera can be used independently.

Cellulose wrappings add much to the appearance of gifts. At right are examples of what attractive wrapping will do. Below—This toy airplane will thrill any youth who receives it. Plane performs like a real ship.