Amateur movie-making enthusiasts may prepare their own titles, including animated ones, with the aid of a new title writer. This device, an illuminated stand with an easel at front and a place for the camera at the rear, works in three positions. When set at an angle, as shown above, it permits a hand to be photographed drawing a title. A vertical setting films movable letters for an animated title.

Odd Playground Gate Bars Older Children (Oct, 1937)

Unlike the other attendants, Joe felt that cup-size was a much better indication of age.

Odd Playground Gate Bars Older Children
Cut out of a high, galvanized-iron fence and roughly resembling a keyhole, a silhouette of an average ten-year-old child serves as an entrance gate to a new playground for small children in an eastern city. Only those boys and girls who can pass through the silhouette opening without stooping or squeezing through sidewise are allowed to enter the play area. The photograph above shows a playground instructor halting a girl who is too tall to enter without stooping.

COMSAT: Communication in the Space Age (May, 1967)

“Seriously, though, the establishment of information grids, connected by relay satellite, has already been proposed. Some authorities think that in less than 10 years a student will be able to dial a local computer on his home telephone and program problems into it.”

That was actually a pretty good guess.

COMSAT: Communication in the Space Age

Not experimental, but commercial, instant worldwide information transmission by satellite

In the 17th century, it took about 4 months for news of the New World to reach Europe. Now, with satellite communication, news whips around the globe in seconds. In less than 3 years, instant global communication will be a reality. Advanced communications equipment and the space-age vehicle, the Communications Satellite Corp. and its international partner, Intelsat, are all together responsible for that.

How Mechanics Make Your Movies (Mar, 1932)

How Mechanics Make Your Movies

by H.H. Dunn

All of the money made in the movies does not go to the big stars and directors. Queer jobs in the studios support a small army of expert technicians.

A LARGE and shiny car pulled onto the lot, and an active young man ran from it into the main building of the RKO Pathe Studio at Culver City.

“‘Big Shot’ director?” I asked.

“Best shot in Hollywood, also director,” answered Bill Rice. “Gets paid every time he misses a star, and he has missed hundreds of them.

SAFE FUN for HALLOWEEN (Nov, 1936)


UPON arriving, every member of this Halloween party must be fingerprinted and “mugged” as regular routine for identification records in the archives. The newcomer presses the thumb of his right hand down on the “ink pad,” for which purpose ordinary carbon paper will do. This is pasted to a piece of sheet metal on a small box which contains two dry cells and a Ford vibrating coil, connected together as shown in Fig. 1. The “guard” presses a push-button switch the moment the guest touches the carbon paper and has his left hand on the table directly over another sheet-metal plate also wired up as indicated.

“Human Quoits” Is Amusing New Bathing Beach Game (Sep, 1931)

“Human Quoits” Is Amusing New Bathing Beach Game

YOU have to use your head in this amusing new game of “human quoits” in which padded barrel hoops are tossed at the heads of players buried in the sand, the object being to “ring” them. It’s a game amusing to spectators as well as players, and one in which the human targets get quite a thrill, since, buried in sand as they are, dodging is impossible. If you want to try out this game on your own beach, light weight hoops can be made by winding cotton batting and a covering fabric around a core of light gauge steel wire.

Mechanical Monsters that Live and Breathe (Mar, 1932)

Mechanical Monsters that Live and Breathe


When the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals steps in to prevent the mistreatment of a papier mache elephant, the modeler of that elephant can consider himself an artist with a capital A. This article tells you of the world’s most amazing studio, in which lifelike creatures, from spiders to prehistoric monsters which walk, eat, and breathe, are manufactured by skilled artists and mechanics.

Strange Shapes for Play (Jul, 1962)

This is the kind of equipment lawyers dream of.

Strange Shapes for Play

Unconventional and modern playground equipment has been developed in Ulm, Germany, by architect Joachim Kimpel. A 10-year study of children’s methods and behavior at play by the architect, a gardener and a psychologist led to the redesigning of recreational equipment for climbing, spinning, balancing and swinging.

Wanted: Young Men to Earn BIG MONEY in Television (Oct, 1931)

Wanted: Young Men to Earn BIG MONEY in Television


The growing industry of television is sounding its call for young men. Here is an article which tells how you can earn $5,000 to $20,000 a year in this new field.

HORACE GREELEY was a wise and sanguine man. Long before the golden West was anything but a riot of natural beauty and a buried treasure of national wealth, he said, “Young man, go west and grow up with the country.” Those young men who heeded his words lived to learn the value of his advice.

Dolls Dance to Radio Music (Mar, 1932)

Dolls Dance to Radio Music

FROM Germany comes the latest radio novelty. It is a platform upon which a group of dolls dance to the tune of music issuing from your radio receiver.

The device is a mystery until you understand the dance platform is caused to vibrate by means of a small needle which connects with a headphone, as illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

This headphone is connected up with your radio receiver, so that the same current sounds the music and excites the dancers. The effect of the contrivance is extremely fascinating.