Cameras go round in circles to take pictures for two fairs (Apr, 1964)

Cameras go round in circles to take pictures for two fairs

Photographers are being kept busy shooting exhibits. Movies filmed in New York will tell the city’s story in a circular theater at the New York World’s Fair. Color slides of Alpine scenes will cover an entire dome at Lausanne’s National Exhibition.

You Can Have Lots of Fun Making These New Toys (Oct, 1939)

You Can Have Lots of Fun Making These New Toys

HOW many toys are you going to make for Christmas this year? A lot of them, we hope, because no home workshop activity gives greater satisfaction and pleasure. There is something imaginative and colorful about toys that sets them apart from ordinary shop projects. Then, too, there is the added joy of being able to give each toy to some child and share in his happiness.

An Airplane Swing for Air-minded Youths (Sep, 1930)

An Airplane Swing for Air-minded Youths

Swinging back and forth in this miniature plane, youngsters can duplicate in imagination all the feats of world famous aviators—all with absolute safety, of course. The swing is easy to build and will make a very fine addition to any playground.



Eleven separate musical instruments are played simultaneously by Elmer Trudgen, of Blenheim, Ontario, Canada, with the aid of the novel mechanical arrangement shown in the photograph above. Parts salvaged from discarded bicycles, sewing machines, and automobiles were used to make the foot pedals, levers, and other controls which enable Trudgen to coordinate his feet, knees, arms, wrists, and fingers in rendering a musical selection. The instruments are the piano, violin, guitar, harmonica, bass drum, snare drum, triangle, wood blocks, cymbal, cowbells, and chimes.

Beam “Mike” for Outdoor Films (Oct, 1930)

Beam “Mike” for Outdoor Films

Revolutionary in its scope and perfected to the point where it is believed millions of dollars will be saved in the production of outdoor talking pictures, the beam microphone pictured at the left is being used for the first time in the filming of a railroad epic in Montana. The microphone will pick up sounds only from the point at which it is aimed, thus permitting directors to give oral instructions during filming.

Sand Castles Made in Fancy Molds (Mar, 1922)

Sand Castles Made in Fancy Molds

KIDDIES on the seashore may make ornate and highly decorated sand castles by the use of a newly devised mold made from stamped tin, and constructed in four hinged sections.

It is locked together, and one corner held tightly while damp sand is packed in firmly from the top. Then the catch is undone, the mold is removed, and there stands a castle that will be the envy of the beach.



In a little workshop in Los Angeles, Calif., sits a man who for your amusement distorts normal looking movie actors and actresses into freaks. He is James Herron, and he makes the lenses by which strange distorted effects are produced in some motion picture comedies.

WASHTUB BASS (Nov, 1955)


The coolest cats dig the solid beat of this crazy, mixed-up tub.

By Ron Anderson

A BASS violin is something you’re not likely to have around the house. Yet the beat of such an instrument adds rhythm to any musical get-together. Here’s one to make that will produce deep, boomy tones comparing favorably with the real thing.

TELEVISION Goes to Work (Sep, 1947)


Television has finally grown up and is beginning to pay for its long and expensive childhood.


“THOMAS R. JOHNSON’S account, please,” the busy teller says into the phone. Back in the bank’s file room the depositor’s account sheet is placed on an easel before a fixed-focus television camera and the image of the ledger balance and Johnson’s signature flashes onto a television screen in the cashier’s cage.

Voting Machine for Young Citizens (Oct, 1952)

Voting Machine for Young Citizens

YOU can teach your children to be good citizens with this voting machine scaled down to neighborhood size. Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions clubs, youth organizations or junior groups can run a mock election to prepare for adult citizenship—and the clubs can use the machine for real elections of their own officers and leaders.