ONE of the world’s most unique orchestras—made up entirely of robots—plays nightly at the Robot Club in Antwerp, Belgium. Designed and constructed by the club owner, Zenon Specht, the electrically-controlled musicians can play anything from tangoes to bop, changing their expressions to suit the mood. The customer is provided with three songs for a nickel and then the robots sit down. When another nickel is fed to them, the boys get up and swing out three more numbers. Their motion is controlled by perforated tapes looking like player piano rolls.

MUSICAL FREAKS Win Fame for MAJOR BOWES’ Amateurs (Jul, 1936)


All right, all right! Wire, glass, tin cans— anything. It was all the same to these boys, who made jobs grow from their mechanical ingenuity. This article relates what you didn’t hear on the radio.

IT’S marvelous how a home workshop fan can make himself famous with a broom, a saw, a dozen tin cans or a few dingy bottles picked up from a junk pile.



TOY FIBERGLAS CAR, manufactured in Connecticut by the New London Metal Processing Corp., has a top speed of 5 mph, powered by a truck battery.

JUVENILE JIVESTERS. below, can play real tunes on these plastic toy instruments manufactured by Emenee Industries, 200 Fifth Avenue, N. Y.

Lifelike Movie Puppets Act Out Ancient Fable (Jun, 1939)

Lifelike Movie Puppets Act Out Ancient Fable

LIFELIKE puppets, that change their expressions realistically, replace the usual drawn cartoon figures in a new animated movie depicting an old-time fable in which a nimble-witted hedgehog plots with his wife and wins a race with a fleet-footed hare.

Red Ryder: Be a Cowboy (Oct, 1940)

You’ll shoot your eye out!

Be a Cowboy
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How the First Color Cartoons were Made (Jan, 1932)

At Last ~ Movie Cartoons in Color


After years of a successful black-and-white career, animated cartoons are due to take on the additional appeal of color, thanks to the perfection of a process which is explained in detail in this article.

THE first of 13 one-reel animated cartoon comedies in color have just been completed in Hollywood, marking the beginning of a new era in this popular form of entertainment which has already made Mickey Mouse and his cohorts the highest paid actors in the movie world, although they draw no salaries. Ted Eshbaugh, a Boston artist, is the man who has at last succeeded in producing animateds in color.

Stilt Bike Gives Second-Story Ride (Feb, 1940)

Stilt Bike Gives Second-Story Ride

Bicycle riders will have no trouble in making their way up in the world if they construct a stilt bicycle like the odd one pictured below. Built by Bryant Guthrie, a telegraph messenger boy, the odd vehicle was made from the frame of an old bicycle and lengths of pipe welded together at the joints. One long pipe runs down from the handlebars to the bottom of the frame, where it is connected to two shorter iron rods to form the steering mechanism. A cross-bar on the rear fork of the frame makes a convenient spot for any hitch-hiker to stand while getting a ride on the queer vehicle.

Mechanical Secrets of Movie Gorillas (Nov, 1933)

This magazine was published the same year King Kong was released. I wonder if this is one of the masks from the movie?

Mechanical Secrets of Movie Gorillas

EVER wonder how a Hollywood make-up man converts an actor into a terrifying-ly realistic gorilla in those fascinating jungle pictures you watch on the silver screen?

A study of the photos above will give you an idea of what goes on behind a gorilla face. Mechanics have devised a set of mechanical facial bones and muscles which act as the skeleton for a leather “skin” which make-up men put on.

A simple set of levers on the mechanism and a strip clamping over the lower teeth enable the actor to open and close his huge gorilla jaws like the real beast of the jungle. A special strap over the eyes gives the beetle browed effect.

Finger Exerciser for Musicians (Feb, 1932)

Finger Exerciser for Musicians
ESPECIALLY useful for music students, typists and others who must have limber fingers is the mechanical finger exerciser shown in the photo below. In use, the hand is laid on the case so that the fingers rest on the five finger plates, and then the motor is set in operation.

These plates swing up and down, up and down, working the finger muscles for increased flexibility. Speed of the motor may be changed by increase or decrease of the finger pressure. Five minutes of exercise each day works wonders.

Play a Saw (Mar, 1948)

Play a Saw

Quickly produce saw music of amazing, voicelike beauty. Without knowing one note from another, without using music, soon play such songs as “Long, Long Trail”, “Till we Meet Again,” and other favorites old and new. No notes to read, no dreary practice — success guaranteed.