Gym Horse From Hot Water Tank (Nov, 1932)


Gym Horse From Hot Water Tank

A GYM horse that can stand the weather and delight youngsters can be made and set up in half an hour by the method shown in the accompanying photograph. The pipe is readily driven into the ground, after connecting to the tank, of course. A little concrete may be poured around the pipe afterwards if greater rigidity is desired.

How Frank Buck Filmed His Tiger-Python Battle (Nov, 1932)

How Frank Buck Filmed His Tiger-Python Battle

Everyone who has seen Frank Buck’s “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” that amazing movie of jungle life, is asking the question: “How did they ever film that spectacular battle between a Bengal tiger and a 30-foot python? Was it faked? How did the cameramen happen to be on the scene—and how did they escape with their own lives?” Read the answer in this article.

WHO won — the python or the tiger? This is the question which is bothering thousands of folks who have seen Frank Buck’s startling movie of jungle life, “Bring ‘Em Back Alive,” and who have been vividly impressed by the incomparably spectacular scenes shown therein where a Bengal tiger, dreaded king of the jungle, battles the flashing coils of a deadly rock python thirty feet in length.

Helium Plasma Speakers (Jun, 1979)

Coneless speaker uses plasma driver

“Jack’s Welding? My loudspeakers are low. Fill ’em up with helium, please.”

Strange phone call? It’ll be routine for affluent audiophiles using a new speaker system, the Hill Type 1. Type 1 cabinets contain a helium bottle good for about 300 hours of playing time. Minute amounts of helium bleed into a glowing plasma, or highly ionized gas—heart of the speaker from Plasmatronics Inc. (2460 Alamo, S.E., Albuquerque, N.M. 87106).

Ad: EXCITING FILMS (Apr, 1947)

Thrill audiences at your 8-16 mm. screenings! Breath-snatching Bullfights . . . Movie Stunt Men in life-and-limb action . . . Death Defying Dives.
GLAMOROUS subjects starring Hollywood’s most beauteous daughters. Models selected by artists as the loveliest in all the world in beautiful scenes; sensational dances.

SPECIAL OFFER: Send only one dollar for new film short, “Glamorous Exciting Stars” featuring four glorious Beauties. State 8mm. or 16mm. For listings of all Exciting Films free, and this Exciting Film, send only a single dollar, now, to
1071 El Centre, Dept. 12, Hollywood, Calif.

Movie Slot Machine Shows Pictures of Latest News Events (Apr, 1939)

Movie Slot Machine Shows Pictures of Latest News Events

MOTION-PICTURE newsreels are on view for a nickel in a modern version of the old penny-arcade, animated-picture machine recently displayed at a Chicago, 111., convention of manufacturers. As shown at the right, the device has a motion-picture projector installed in the base of its cabinet. Film images are thrown on a small mirror that reflects them up to a ground-glass screen near the top of the cabinet, where they are viewed through an eyepiece by a customer. Designed for hotel lobbies, railroad stations, taverns, and other public places, the movie machine is entirely automatic, running through four separate scenes when a nickel is dropped into the slot, and rewinding for the next customer when the film ends.

Seven Year Old has Pimpin’ Trailer (May, 1954)

TRAILERETTE built by Charles Rucker of Flint Mich., for his seven year-old son, Billy, is 32 inches wide and 40 inches high. Billy hauls it around with his battery-powered “hot rod.”

Theremin Cellos Win Music Public in “Electric Concert” (Jun, 1932)

Theremin Cellos Win Music Public in “Electric Concert”

THE electric cello, developed recently by Leon Theremin, has now been accepted by the music public as an instrument of high artistic merit.

At a symphony concert of electric music given a short while ago at Carnegie Hall, New York City, the electric cello made a sensational debut in a program consisting of selections from the old music masters— Bach, Haydn, Debussy, and others.
Producing exquisite tones, with both extremes of volume, the electric cellos have as their innards vacuum tubes whose oscillations are controlled by levers and coils on the instrument.

Home televiser (Jun, 1970)

Home televiser
It’s actually a miniature TV station. It plays color—or black-and-white—film cartridges through your color —or black-and-white—TV. It’s the Teleplayer. Motorola and CBS developed it for business and educational use, but intend, eventually, to put one in your home. It will be out in September for $795.

Mechanical Cues DIRECT Animals in the “BARKIES” (Jun, 1932)

Odd article explaining all of the tricks and techniques used by trainers to get their animals to perform in movies without using vocal commands.

Mechanical Cues DIRECT Animals in the “BARKIES”


When the talkies came in, directors of animal pictures faced a new problem. Before the super-sensitive mike, vocal commands were impossible, so other means of giving “stars” their cues had to be devised. In this unusual article you are taken behind the scenes and shown how directors utilize ingenious mechanical gadgets to make animals perform with keen intelligence before the camera.

Buck Rodgers 25th Century Caster (Jan, 1936)

Buck Rodgers 25th Century Caster
A complete outfit for casting & coloring characters of 2500 A.D.

You Can MAKE MONEY with these Popular Toys

Get this great outfit! Make toy castings of Buck with his marvelous Disintegrator Pistol . . . Wilma Deering, his faithful Lieutenant . . . and Killer Kane, the arch-criminal of the 25th Century. Paint your castings in bright, lifelike colors. Make all the toys you want. Sell them at a big profit! Millions of people are interested in Buck’s adventures . . . and follow them daily in newspapers and radio. Start your own toy business with this complete outfit. Make real money.