Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers (Feb, 1932)

Latest Auto Luxury—Traveling Boudoir for Campers

THE height of something or other — luxury in this case—is a portable boudoir for an automobile which was exhibited at an auto show held recently in London. The case contains everything from wash basin to toothbrush holder and is mounted on the stern of a Rolls Royce, as illustrated in the photo at the left. When camping en route, the scheme proves exceedingly convenient.

The Improved Quiet SI-WEL-CLO Shaped to conform to Natures Laws (Mar, 1930)

The Improved Quiet SI-WEL-CLO Shaped to conform to Natures Laws

MEDICAL science influenced the unique shape of the Improved Quiet Si-wel-clo. Authorities have agreed that a seat should encourage a natural sitting position. It stands to reason that the organs and muscles of elimination are not easily stimulated to action if forced into a position never intended by nature.

$300 in 30 Days! (Sep, 1915)

“remember, fully 70% of homes have no bathrooms”

$300 in 30 Days!

Made by one Robinson salesman. You—yourself—can positively make $60 and expenses every week. I want men like you. Bustling. energetic, ambitious fellows, anxious to make money, who are willing to work with me. Not for me, but with me. I want you to advertise, sell, and appoint local agents for the most, most sensational seller In 50 years—the ROBINSON FOLDING BATH TUB.



“Mary’s new furniture’s such an improvement”

“But, my dear, did you see the bathroom toilet ?”
PERHAPS you are above what other people say, but wouldn’t it be a satisfaction to know that your bathroom toilet is thoroughly modern in its refinement?



The day of the grimy roller towel is fast vanishing. Hotels, restaurants and other public places where washrooms are a necessity are installing the automatic hot-air drier shown at left.

The press of a foot pedal is all that is necessary to operate the device. A steady blast of hot air is forced from the nozzle. By massaging the wet hands for several seconds, the drying process is facilitated. The hands are thus dried faster and in a more thorough manner than if a clean towel were used.

Health authorities throughout the country are advising the installation of this machine in all public wash rooms. Prevention of a great amount of disease that is now spread through the use of unsanitary towels will thus be possible.

New Brush Cleans Tongues (Apr, 1931)

Why not just use a normal toothbrush sideways?

New Brush Cleans Tongues
THE latest step in the field of inventions designed for the improvement of personal health is represented in the new brush for cleaning the tongue. The brush, shown in the photo at the left, has an unusually long handle, curved to fit the mouth, and thus reach any part of the tongue which may need cleaning.

Safety Belt Moors Baby in the Bathtub (Oct, 1939)

Strapping your kid into the bathtub just seems like a bad idea. How about they just change the first sentence to: “It’s dangerous to leave a small baby unattended in the bathtub, so don’t do it.”

Safety Belt Moors Baby in the Bathtub

It’s dangerous to leave a small baby unattended in the bathtub, and yet, when the telephone rings or the doorbell must be answered, it is sometimes inconvenient not to be able to do so. Carl H. Fischer, a Council Bluffs, Iowa, engineer and father of three youngsters, solved this problem with the ingenious device pictured at the left. The baby is strapped in a harness that is attached to a metal bar. When the bar is turned, rubber pads threaded to the ends press tightly against the sides of the tub and hold the safety bar firmly in place.

Diagonal Bathtub Is Revolutionary (Jul, 1934)

Diagonal Bathtub Is Revolutionary

THE introduction of a new diagonal bathtub marks the first major change in bathtub design since the first installation in 1841.

Though the new tub is but four feet square, it has just as much room for bathing as the rectangular tubs. The bathing recess extends diagonally across the corners, with two seats in opposite corners. Mothers can sit comfortably while bathing children. The seat in the rear is very convenient to use while taking a shower. All plumbing is concealed under the rim.

WONDER PHOTOS REVEAL UNSUSPECTED FACTS ABOUT Razor Blades and Shaving (Oct, 1931) (Oct, 1931)


By Robert E. Martin

A THIN ribbon of sheet steel that would reach halfway round the earth is used every year to scrape the whiskers off the American chin.

These unwanted stubs of hair, if laid end to end, probably would reach from here to Mars, but there is no way of estimating the total amount of suffering and mental anguish involved in their removal. It is a safe guess, however, that the aggregate pain produced by dull razor blades exceeds that of all other pain sources put together.

Revolving Tooth Brush (Oct, 1938)

Revolving Tooth Brush

Especial efficiency in cleansing teeth is claimed for a new rotating tooth brush that operates with a spring mechanism. The brush, circular and of 1/2-inch diameter, is located at the end of an extension from the handle which contains the mechanism. The spring is wound with a handle which may then be folded flush and the mechanism is operated by pressing on a lever with the thumb. Practicing dentists aided in the design of the mechanism which, it is asserted, cleanses more thoroughly and more rapidly than the ordinary tooth brush.