Bath in Ocean of Soapsuds Is Latest Reducing Method (Feb, 1933)

Effective in the “reducing process”? I didn’t know that bubble baths helped you lose weight. Maybe they are talking about all the calories you’ll burn convulsing when your bath water shorts out the bubbler and electrocutes you.

Bath in Ocean of Soapsuds Is Latest Reducing Method

SLEEPING in the clouds has nothing on the “bubble bath,” the latest novelty in the way of health gadgets. This device consists of a waterproof electric motor and pump, which connects with a series of long perforated metal tubes placed in the bottom of the bathtub. Air emitted from these tubes causes the water in the tub to bubble and splash like a miniature surf.



EVERY time Urey Edger of Louisville, Ky., washed his face he got n trouble. Not bad trouble—nobody was killed or clapped behind bars. But trouble enough to make him squeeze up his face tight, hop blindly around the washbasin and holler for a towel, to wipe that stinging soap out of his eyes.

Urey noticed a messy jelly in his soap dish and thought that some of his soft-soap goo might be smearing into his eyes and causing his face-washing woe.

All-Purpose Soap Aids Our GI Joes (Oct, 1944)

All-Purpose Soap Aids Our GI Joes

MAKING life a lot easier for our soldiers is a soap mild enough for shaving, powerful enough for the i greasiest pots and pans, and capable of producing a foamy lather in water hard or soft, fresh or salt, hot or cold. Secret of the soap lies in a synthetic sulpho-nated product developed from petroleum by Du Pont and known merely as MP 646. It is being sold by the hundreds of thousands of pounds to soap manufacturers who add it to their products in the ratio of one to two. Wide civilian use is expected in postwar years.

Hair-Drying Attachment for Fan (Jun, 1924)

Hair-Drying Attachment for Fan

Drying the hair with an electric drier is a quick and convenient method, but not every one cares to buy one for such occasional use. Where some other electrical appliances such as a fan is at hand, an attachment can easily be made for it, that will serve the purpose.

The attachment consists essentially of a cone-shaped piece of sheet metal such as brass, to which a rubber tube with a nozzle is attached, as shown.


Inspection of the teeth for tartar formation or possible decay is made easy by a new type of toothbrush which contains a dental mirror in its handle. By holding the highly polished reflector inside the mouth while facing a larger wall or cabinet mirror, the user can conveniently and quickly examine both front and back surfaces of the teeth and gums. When not in use, the mirror slides into the handle, where it does not interfere with the ordinary function of the brush.

Home Steam Bath (Mar, 1952)

Home Steam Bath is a white enamel steam stool, inset, 17 inches high and 13-1/2 inches square. Vinyl plastic robe is stored in stool’s cover. One pint of water lasts 30 min. Home Accessories, Jacksonville, Ill.

Electric Razor Brushes Teeth (Jun, 1939)

Electric Razor Brushes Teeth
Toothbrush and razor, both electrically operated, are now available in a single unit just placed on the market. The body of the device is a small, oblong container housing an electric motor that draws current through an extension cord plugged into a wall outlet. Either a rotating brush for cleaning the teeth, or a cutting mechanism for shaving, may be inserted in the working head, which is connected to the motor unit by means of a flexible shaft.

New Tooth-Paste Tubes Are Made of Glass (Oct, 1937)

New Tooth-Paste Tubes Are Made of Glass
Glass containers for tooth paste, recently developed by a German firm as a substitute for conventional metal tubes, have a built-in piston at one end to force the paste out onto the brush. When empty, the containers can be refilled with paste.


PLASTIC TOILET SEATS of hygienic design are among the priority goods that will be available for the postwar home. Molded in one piece, and having a smooth finish that requires no varnish or paint, they are easy to clean and will withstand repeated sterilizing. The seats are available in either black or brown, and the manufacturers say they should last a lifetime.

Fountain Brush Sprays Teeth (Oct, 1933)

She really does seem to enjoy doing that.

Fountain Brush Sprays Teeth
A FOUNTAIN toothbrush, which forces a liquid carbonic spray through the bristles, thoroughly cleans the teeth and acts as an atomizer at the same time.

The flow of the liquid is controlled by pressing a lever on the container holding enough cleaning fluid for a month. The device is a Norwegian invention.