Beerador (Apr, 1939)

Novel Beverage Refrigerator
FEATURING seven revolving shelves which accommodate 504 bottles, this novel electric beverage refrigerator display unit measures only 37 inches in diameter, saving floor space while advertising many brands.

Make the Most of Your Coffee Ration (Feb, 1943)

There’s Extra Cafe in that one Cup a Day

YOU’LL have to learn to be satisfied with a demi-tasse for the duration, unless you take advantage of every means to economize on coffee. Here are some tried and tested ways of getting the most out of that one pound each five weeks. Follow these valuable suggestions and you’ll get more coffee per pound than you ever brewed before, and it will be wholesome, good tasting coffee too. Better try these hints on the first pound.

TURN Potatoes into CASH! (Jun, 1935)

I Will SHOW YOU HOW TO TURN Potatoes into CASH!
START YOU in a Profitable Potato Chip Business At Home

THE invention of a marvelous new machine throws the big potato-chip market wide open again. Even if your community is being supplied with old fashioned chips, I’ll show you how to step in and grab the market, rake the profits into your own pocket. You simply manufacture and sell to stores at wholesale—let stores sell for you. I furnish complete plant and exact instructions formaking profits the first day.

“GREASELESS” Potato Chips Made by New Machine

Think of it —for the first time— a Potato Chip from which all excess oil has been extracted by my new “wringer”. Look better, taste better, stay fresh longer. No wonder the public is crazy about this new kind of chip. No wonder my operators are having such big success, even with no experience.


The profits in this business are enormous. You can take $11.50 in raw material — run It through the machine and take out enough chips to bring you $35 cash—selling at wholesale. A clear profit for your time of $23.50. And that’s one day’s output for the machine. At this rate it is possible for a man and wife working together to make $135.00 a week. And now the complete plant—with my new machine—can be put into your kitchen or basement for less than the down payment on a cheap car.


Send your name and address today on a postal card. I’llsend you pictures and information free showing exactly how you can start at home and make money the first day. All information is Free, No obligation.
O. K. MILLER, 325 W. Huron St., Dept. 406 Chicago, Illinois

Bake-O-Mat 1960? (Jul, 1956)

Bake-O-Mat 1960?
TOMORROW: Breads and pastries . . . mixed, baked, sliced, wrapped at your door!
Place your order at your door. In seconds, Bake-O-Mat mixes and processes the ingredients, electronically bakes, slices, and wraps any of a wide variety of hot breads and pastries—as you watch!
When? 1960? Could be! But, one thing is sure. Then, as now, New Departure ball bearings will reduce costs by simplifying machine design . . . increase customer satisfaction with added product dependability.
If you’re “cooking up” a new machine—or improving a present one—New Departure’s engineering service provides the right bearings for you!

Egg Assembly Line Separates Yolks From Whites (Jan, 1958)

Egg Assembly Line Separates Yolks From Whites
AMONG THINGS MACHINES CAN DO better than people are breaking eggs and separating the yolks from the whites. One machine also washes and sterilizes the shells before they are broken. The contents are dropped into separating cups and the empty shells are carried away on a conveyor. The cups carry the whites and yolks
under an ultraviolet light which makes certain bacteria appear fluorescent. The machine operator removes inedible eggs or broken yolks. Whites flow over a shallow inspection tray and into a collection pail. Yolks are separated electronically for light or dark color above a divided chute. Cups are washed before receiving another egg.

Makes Coffee as You Drive (Sep, 1953)

Makes Coffee as You Drive
The young lady is enjoying a cup of coffee made by a German gadget that clamps onto the dash and plugs into the car’s electric system. Hot water filters through powdered coffee into a cup. Cimo Sievers, NYC, distributes Paluxette.

GADGETS Can Make Your FORTUNE (Sep, 1949)

One interesting side note about this passage:

“Another man who made a highly profitable find in the food field in recent years is Leo Peters, originator of the “Pak” margarine package, made out of plastic and containing a capsule for coloring. By merely kneading the “Pak,” a housewife can give a pound of margarine the appetizing hue of butter. It took Peters a long time to put the idea across, but once it was accepted by manufacturers he began collecting royalties estimated at $1,000,000 a year.”

Why, you might ask, couldn’t they just put the dye in the margarine? Well it turns out that the dairy lobby in this country had/has some serious pull. They saw margarine as competition to butter and had many laws passed that restricted the it’s appearance, primarily making it illegal to dye it to look like butter. The last state to repeal these laws was Wisconson in 1967. In Quebec, Canada it is STILL illegal to sell yellow margarine. More information on wikipedia.

Oh, and does anyone think that machine below looks at all “human-like”?


By West Peterson

THIRTY-FIVE thousand inventions will be patented in the United States this year. If one of them is yours— possibly a simple gadget with universal appeal—you may reap a fortune!

Anything from a new household appliance to an improved method of food processing, from a unique use of plastics to another member of the wonder drug family can pay off huge dividends to the lucky— and skillful—discoverer. While it’s true that many inventions are now made by research teams in well-equipped laboratories, there’s still plenty of opportunity for the scientific or gadget-minded individual.

Alternate Uses for Hot Things (Jul, 1938)

Hair Drier Becomes Sawdust Blower
Upper left-—A small electric hair drier mounted on a box standing beside a jig saw will be found useful for removing sawdust as fast as it forms.

Iron Heats Water
Above—If a curling iron is sterilized with boiling water and carefully washed, it will be found useful as an immersion heater for the sick room. Also, it will prove useful when traveling, as a means of heating water for shaving or washing. Photography fans will find the curling iron valuable for heating a small amount of water when mixing chemicals. One of the advantages of this type of heater in the laboratory is the lack of flame which constitutes a menace when certain chemicals are heated.

Sealing Wax Melted Quickly And Easily With Ordinary Hair Curler
A curling iron at maximum heat will be found suitable for melting sealing wax. If a number of letters are to be sealed, this method will speed up the work and is more convenient than using matches or candles. When finished, the wax left on the iron can be scraped off easily and quickly.

Hair Appliance Speeds Paint Drying
A small electric hair drier can be used to heat a paint drying cabinet as shown in the photograph. The “cabinet” can be nothing more than a cardboard packing box. A hole should be placed in the bottom to permit the air to circulate.

Flatiron Serves As Frying Heat Source
When an electric flatiron is inverted and placed in a holder as shown by the photograph, it becomes a good heater for the frying pan when eggs or meats are to be fried. The support can be made of wood or metal.

Stuffed Frog Makes Novel Lamp (Oct, 1934)

Stuffed Frog Makes Novel Lamp
NOVELTY taxidermy, in which mounted birds and animals are arranged in special poses to serve as useful articles, is fast becoming a fad in this country. One of the most popular subjects is the frog lamp.

A stuffed bullfrog reclines lazily against his toadstool shade, holding a tiny fish-pole. Swamp grass glued to the base makes a realistic shore line, while a bit of mirror serves as the pool.

Mounted bull-frog fishing on bank of pool under shade of giant toadstool makes attractive table lamp. Taxidermists find great demand for specimens mounted in natural settings such as this. Tiny electric light bulbs are under the shade.

Harried Secretary (Apr, 1945)

Can you imagine cooking ham, eggs, toast and coffee at your desk? I once worked with a woman who had a habit of microwaving bacon in our office, that was bad enough for me.

Eggs, Toast, Coffee
can all be made on this one compact utensil, among the first of the promised innovations awaiting the end of the war. After making ham and eggs, you can toast bread by raising the movable grill three inches above the heating unit. It’s a boon for harried secretaries.