A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator (Mar, 1930)

A Carbonic Acid Refrigerator

A REFRIGERATOR that works by means of fluid carbonic acid has been invented by Dr. Otto Liesegang, of Berlin. Through immediate gassification of the acid, which is held in a valve, a temperature of 80 degrees below zero is produced in the cooling apparatus resulting in a speedy freezing of ice or icecream. The main apparatus stands on the top shelf of the box at the right to permit use of the left side for storage purposes.

Collapsible Fruit Bowl (Aug, 1945)

Collapsible Fruit Bowl

Cut this fruit bowl and standi, using only a jig saw and screwdriver.

THE home craftsman who is looking for something novel will find this fruit bowl just the thing.

The bowl is laid out on a piece of wood 12″x16″x5/8″ and may be oak or maple or any piece of softer wood which may be available.

Teens’ Broomstick Party (Oct, 1955)

Teens’ Broomstick Party

Shrill the wind and wild the night;
Spooks go prowling, black cats fight;
So set your spooky fears aside
And join us on a Broomstick Ride!


This party should be planned and carried out by the teen-agers themselves—even to cooking the supper. Mother should stay in the background. Place: A rumpus room or good-sized living room. Of course, a cabin in the woods would also be ideal, as would the municipal recreation rooms set up by your park service.

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best! (Jun, 1949)

What to look for… when you’re looking for the all-time best!

NEW 1949 GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator – Home Freezer Combination

A separate refrigerator PLUS a separate home freezer.

The very finest refrigerators made today offer you the timesaving, worksaving, moneysaving advantages of having both a home freezer and a big fresh-food refrigerator in your kitchen.

Egg-Master (May, 1956)

It’s hard to remember what life was like back in those dark days before the coming of the Egg-Master. The idea that people had to whisk an egg using a fork… simply barbaric.


Anyone for homogenized eggs? This nifty gadget will do the job.

M. DEANE HARPER of Dunbar, West Va., has dreamed up a neat little gadget for homemakers. It’s the Egg-Master, a device which permits an egg to be beaten within its shell, eliminating the necessity of breaking the egg into a bowl and beating it with a beater. It’s fine for making omelets, mixing drinks and a host of other kitchen tasks. A machine shop instructor, Harper began his Egg-Master as a hobby and turned it into a profitable sideline.

NEW for the HOME (May, 1950)

NEW for the HOME

Swinging Shelf meets you more than half way. Mount it atop your present shelf, pull the handle and it swings down and out to you on its special hinges. Space Saver Industries, Detroit, Mich.

Flush Guide puts silencer on that annoying running toilet. It’s a device which guides the rubber-ball valve to the valve seat and can be installed in ten minutes. Made by Ardmore Products, Ardmore, Pa.

NEW for the HOME (Jan, 1954)

NEW for the HOME

THREE-IN-ONE carriage is adaptable for going to market or carrying baby. Bottom folds up. can be used to carry bags and cases. Made in Germany.

RUB-A-DUB-MIT has built-in washboard of soft but tough Plastisol. Cleans nylons, silk lingerie, other light laundry. Vail Corp.. Paterson. N.J.

Science in Pictures (Sep, 1947)

Science in Pictures

Push-Button Telegraph center permits messages to be typed only once, on a “printer perforator,” at point of origin. When messages reach the center, a clerk pushes a button for the city of destination.

Fishy Idea dreamed up by amateur inventor Dr. Carl Omeron, right, looks like a spark of genius. This is it: Tie balloons to a live “Judas” fish (which you catch the hard way). Put Judas back in the water and he’ll lead the way to the whole school.

These Ideas May Make You $1,000,000 (May, 1929)

I’d wasn’t aware of this meaning of the word polygraph, though it actually makes more sense than the current definition.

These Ideas May Make You $1,000,000

Here are ideas, which if developed by the right man, should easily net him a fine business and a neat fortune. They have been selected for their originality and in the light of apparent demand for them by the editors of Modern Mechanics, who believe no development work has been done on the schemes other than the mere conception of the idea. It is believed by the editors the right man can make $1,000,000 using any of these ideas as a nucleus.

20-Second Sirloin (Jun, 1946)

20-Second Sirloin

is this steak, cooked on an airtronics machine, originally designed for the preheating of plastics for molding. It’s a natural for barbecues.