FIVE little buckets hang around this pump. When the handle is worked, the liquid in the well flows from the spout. The apparatus has no particular name, and its use is left entirely up to its owner.

The pump is made of plate silver and stands 16 inches high. It has a capacity of two quarts and is filled from a special opening.

One of its best features is the thermos lining on the interior. This makes it possible to keep hot or cold liquid in the pump for several hours without any change in temperature.



Left: This layout, planned by Youngstown Kitchens, makes most of available space, gives the homemaker all the conveniences she could want. Note the variety of steel cabinets, waist-high oven built into wall.

Right: Westinghouse “Cinnamon” kitchen is designed for large family. For $7.50, the company will supply blueprints from which a contractor can duplicate it. Prints for 3 other kitchens are available at $6 each.

Mechanical Cow (Feb, 1950)

This is not our first mechanical cow.

Mechanical Cow

Up in Whitehorse, the largest settlement in the Yukon Territory, children get their milk from a mechanical cow. Actually, the machinery works in reverse — it churns milk stock, pure water and butter back into rich milk. The water is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the milk stock added. Then the mixture is brought to a boil and butter mixed in at a temperature of 145 degrees.

NEW for the HOME (Nov, 1950)

I like how this Zip-Tie and modern Zip-Ties serve the same purpose in a totally different way.

NEW for the HOME

Safety Outlet, of Bakelite plastic, features rotating caps that automatically cover the sockets when not in use. When plug prongs are inserted, the cap is turned to align cap and socket holes. Bell Electric Co., 1844-50 W. 21 St., Chicago.

Sliding Door Hardware has self-adjusting spring tension built into top rollers, eliminates fitting time, lets you use all the space between ceiling and floor. Wheels are of case-hardened steel, run on ball bearings. Roll-A-Door Corp., N. Y. C.



Hume workshop hobbyists who own drill presses will find the new auxiliary work table shown at right extremely useful. The top is made of heavy gauge steel permanently bonded to a plywood base. Fits any type drill press. Comes complete with anchor studs, threaded bushings, irregular shaping pin and special pivoting fence with wing nut clamp. Provides a large, flat working surface for all operations.

The new type slip-stream deflectors above are said to keep the car’s windshield clear of all foreign substances. Fastened in front of the windshield, they turn the airstream and dirt aside.

Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores (Jul, 1930)

Inventions to Lighten Your Household Chores

When this electric cooker is placed face downward over a plate of meat, radiant heat cooks it through in ten minutes. In this way, meals can be prepared at the table.

Silk stockings and other fragile clothing not meant for the regular wash go into a separate compartment in this metal hamper. Soiled clothes are all put in at the top but only the heavy articles come out at the bottom.

They Got Rich on Ribs (Feb, 1957)

They Got Rich on Ribs

These lads knew from nothing about running a rib joint—but man, that barbecue sauce!

By Eda Johnstone

NEVER heard of Kelbos? Guess you haven’t been in L.A. lately. It’s one of the biggest success stories out there since Mr. Goldwyn quit the shoestring business.

Kelbo’s Hawaiian Barbecue opened with a bang six years ago. Beginning as a small roadside stand, it has now branched out as Kelbo’s Kar-B-Q and Kelbo’s Fairfax, which in the interval have served hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world.

Beautiful and makes beautiful toast! (Jun, 1949)

Beautiful and makes beautiful toast!

On the gift table they’ll praise
this Proctor for its beauty …
on the dining table
she’ll praise it for its skill…
its outstanding ability to make
toast exactly to suit your taste …

Food Fakers Caught by Simple Kitchen Tests (Mar, 1932)

Food Fakers Caught by Simple Kitchen Tests

LOW prices for commodities stimulate the business of the food faker, permitting him to sell his adulterated and “doctored” foodstuffs at prices lower than the lowest that can possibly be asked for pure articles.

However clever the faker may be, science can catch him and his spurious concoctions by very simple means; means so simple indeed that every householder may take advantage of them to protect the health and well-being of his family.

Now you get a frosty first course in a new Morton 3-Course Dinner (Mar, 1969)

Now you get a frosty first course in a new Morton 3-Course Dinner

Brand-new Morton 3-Course Chicken-N Dumplings

What a great, cool way to start the meal! A frosty fruit salad with bite-size marsh-mallows. So easy to thaw and serve.